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The Changing Face of Business – Is Working at Home Right For Me?

Written by Bill Schnarr

Right now there is a movement withinrepparttar business world that has been building sincerepparttar 150204 first two computers spoke to each other and sparked what would one day berepparttar 150205 “Internet”.

That movement has been strengthened by long early-morning commutes, expensive downtown parking, andrepparttar 150206 problems associated with working inrepparttar 150207 business world inrepparttar 150208 21st Century. Asrepparttar 150209 cities get more congested and more people move to them looking for work, a very basic need has arisen, with a single mandate:

To get as far away from allrepparttar 150210 grime, pollution, and stress as possible.

Surprisingly, it isrepparttar 150211 very thing that maderepparttar 150212 business world shoot forward like a healthy bean sprout inrepparttar 150213 summer sun that has also made it possible to escaperepparttar 150214 hustle and bustle of big city living.

The Internet has once again changed allrepparttar 150215 rules, and not in a way that many people would expect.

The Internet and good, reliable, high-speed internet connections such as Cable or DSL connections have made it so that trudging to work in a tiny cubic office every morning is a simple waste of time. For many companies, Telecommuting has been a much smarter answer to attracting experts from aroundrepparttar 150216 globe without having to relocate anyone.

Atrepparttar 150217 same time,repparttar 150218 Internet itself has given rise to a brand new form of advertising industry with nearly limitless profit potentials. Website publishing is now one ofrepparttar 150219 single fastest businesses growing online atrepparttar 150220 moment, with direct sales and snappy web-content beingrepparttar 150221 number one force that drives this new industry. Affiliate Marketing has beenrepparttar 150222 phoenix rising out ofrepparttar 150223 “Dot Com” fire.

But before embarking on either of these grand business philosophies, it is important to ask yourself, “Is working at home right for me?”

We have amassed some very good pros and cons of both telecommuting and website publishing, and it might be beneficial to take a moment and look them over before making that decision.

Telecommuting: Cutting Your Travel time to Zero

Telecommuting isrepparttar 150224 ability to work for a company inrepparttar 150225 comfort of your own home. Aside from checking in on occasion, all of your work can be done in your home office or on your home computer, and your pay check may or may not come directly to your house every week.

This is a very natural environment for independent contractors and “freelance” specialists, depending onrepparttar 150226 type of work they do. Inrepparttar 150227 past few years, however, some businesses have seen fit to “de-centralize” their work environment and send their workers home.

These days, a business can operate quite efficiently in a virtual online work environment. Specialists can come together from all overrepparttar 150228 world and synchronize their jobs through text messaging and centralized data bases. In addition, freelance writers, IP programmers, and website design specialists have been able to sprout their own little companies and contract their work out of their homes.

A good thing about being a telecommuter is that, like in all home or personal business environments, you make your own hours. Work untilrepparttar 150229 wee hours ofrepparttar 150230 morning if you feel like it, or takerepparttar 150231 day off and go torepparttar 150232 zoo with repparttar 150233 kids.

It’s an extremely attractive bit of freedom, especially to parents and people looking to have family lives. This give yourepparttar 150234 ability and freedom to either “Plan your work around your life”, or “plan your life around your work”, whichever you find more attractive on any specific day.

Another attractive aspect of telecommuting is thatrepparttar 150235 business environment can be extremely lucrative. You can be a hired gun and let companies try to out-bet each other for your services. This is especially true when you become better known in your chosen field.

The business world is always looking out forrepparttar 150236 next big talent, no matter what it is, and if you are that person you could be in for an exciting future. Also,repparttar 150237 amount of work you put into a project is limited only by your dedication and enthusiasm, so your future is really in your own hands in those respects.

Onrepparttar 150238 other hand, telecommuting has its own very real problems and stressful situations that may never come up in a more traditional business environment.

For example, working from home takes a tremendous amount of discipline, and as such it is much harder to succeed than people think. If you slough off your work load every time your favourite television show comes on or you need to go torepparttar 150239 store for milk, you might have problems succeeding.

Also, something many people never think about is that when work is at home, it stays at home. You may easily find yourself in a situation where every time you sit down to a meal or try to relax you automatically begin thinking about your work problems.

It is extremely difficult to “leave work at work” forrepparttar 150240 night when your work station is less than 20 feet away and you have a big project sitting on your desk waiting to get done.

If you don’t finish that project, it isn’t going to get done and you are not going to get paid. Moreover,repparttar 150241 company that hired will likely never hire you again and worse, damage your credibility by spreadingrepparttar 150242 word that you can’t getrepparttar 150243 job done. There is absolutely no job security for most telecommuters and freelancers, something that can hang over your head like a cold frost.

Finally, Isolation is a common problem for any person working from home. No matter who you are, eventually you need some human contact, and sitting in your little home office by yourself for long stretches of time can be extremely stressful on people.

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