Written by Javed Akram

After a couple of weeks or may be a couple of month's hard work, you have created a very good web site with brilliant contents. All you need now is visitors to your web site, but there are no visitors. This can be a real disappointment. Good web site creation is not enough to get visitors to your site.

There are about 300 million web pages out there. If people don't know about your web site then they will never visit your site. You have to promote your web site day and night online and offline.

There are lots of different ways to promote web site. Online marketing and promotion of your business is very cheap compare to other media's i.e TV, Radio and Newspapers etc. You can even promote your business or web site totally free of charge.

The Following are some ofrepparttar best ways to promote and announce your web site online and offline.

1) SEARCH ENGINES: Search engines are stillrepparttar 101042 best to get visitors to your site. Now there are hundreds of thousands search engines all overrepparttar 101043 internet, but remember 85% percent of visitors come from 10-20 major search engines like Yahoo, Alta vista, Google, Open Directory Project etc. Submit your site regular interval basis. You can submit your site free to 200 search engines with one click here.

2) CLASSIFIED ADS AND FFA PAGES: There are millions of Classified ads and Free For All Pages(FFA PAGES). Classifieds and FFA Pages are not anymore good to generate site traffic, but they help to develop your site link popularity. A lots of search engines when index your site they check your link popularity. If your web site link popularity is good and more web sites linked to your site then it will help to maintain better ranking in search engines. A free Classified ads and FFA Pages Submission service available here.

3) EZINE OR MAILING LIST: Start your own Newsletter. I always recommend this type of promotion. You only send your site updates and new products to targeted visitors or customers who subscribed and are ready to receive your promotional messages by e-mail. This is an way effective to promote your site.

4) BANNER EXCHANGE PROGRAMS: Banner exchange programs are another way to promote your web site. Although it is not very much popular these days, but you still get some hits. Here arerepparttar 101044 banner exchange and pay per lead programs.

"Simple Messages in Advertising"

Written by Kevin Nunley

It is better to advertise with simple messages and have everyone understand you, than to advertise with complex messages and have only 20% of viewers understand you.

Brilliantly clever advertising executives often come up with ad campaigns that dazzle viewers. Viewers may be dazzled, but whether they can discern what is actually being communicated inrepparttar ad remains to be seen.

When considering how you want to phrase your advertising copy, don't tailorrepparttar 101041 message to what would impress you. Tailorrepparttar 101042 message to what would sell to everyone.

The fact is, most people only read, listen, and watch advertising with a tiny percentage of their brain. When I'm watching TV and it comes time forrepparttar 101043 advertisements, I usually head torepparttar 101044 kitchen for a handful of M&Ms. But I can still hearrepparttar 101045 TV.

The human brain takes in everything that goes on--sights, sounds, feelings--so whether your viewer is consciously paying attention to your message or not, some level of their psyche is taking it in. But whether your message is stored away inrepparttar 101046 long-term memory depends onrepparttar 101047 clarity of your ad.

I don't remember things I don't understand. No one does. So your advertising will only make a long-term impact ifrepparttar 101048 message is clear. Otherwise, it will be forgotten within minutes.

That is why it is important to keep your advertising copy as simple as possible. One ofrepparttar 101049 top two reasons marketing fails is becauserepparttar 101050 ad isn't clear.

Here are some imperative tips to keep in mind when writing and designing your ads:

1. No jargon. Many advertisers makerepparttar 101051 mistake of using their own industry jargon and buzz words when writing their ads. As much sense as they make to themselves, they may not be making a bit of sense torepparttar 101052 common consumer.

Remember, your advertising isn't just targeted at your fellow lawyer or your computer engineer friend. You are talking to administrative assistants, mechanics, artists, hair stylists and teachers. If you want their attention, speakrepparttar 101053 same language they do.

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