BEST HOME BASED BUSINESSES: Second Soul Searching Step to Creating an Internet Home Based Business Step Two: Brainstorm Business Ideas

Written by Chrystal Chantel

How do you create one ofrepparttar best home based businesses? This isrepparttar 143819 second article in a four-part series that takes you on a journey to create your ideal internet home based business. To view Parts 1, 3, and 4 please do an Author search on Go Articles for Chrystal Chantel.

Inrepparttar 143820 previous article I asked you to brainstorm what you love to do, how you like to spend your time, and what your skills and strengths are.

Now take that list you created and ask yourself these questions: People who enjoyrepparttar 143821 same activities you do, what problems do they face? For example, if you love to garden, what difficulties do gardeners face? Could you provide a solution to those problems? If you love to cook, what challenges do chefs face? Have you come up with unique solutions that have worked for you? Have you previously thought about possible solutions to problems you have encountered?

For each enjoyable activity on your list, brainstorm problems that other people may experience. Put problems on one side ofrepparttar 143822 page, and potential solutions onrepparttar 143823 other side.

What goals do people who engage in these activities have? How could you help them to achieve these goals? It is inrepparttar 143824 problems, in discovering what people need that you will find your potential customers. Take your time to clarifyrepparttar 143825 problem, forrepparttar 143826 most successful home based businesses offer specific solutions to customer needs. Anyone can start a business, butrepparttar 143827 best home based businesses are those where customers come back time and time again, becauserepparttar 143828 business fulfills their needs.

“A problem well stated is a problem half solved.” ~Charles F. Kettering.~

“It isn’t that they can’t seerepparttar 143829 solution, it’s that they can’t seerepparttar 143830 problem.” ~G. K. Chesteron~

“If we really understandrepparttar 143831 problem,repparttar 143832 answer will come out of it, becauserepparttar 143833 answer is not separate fromrepparttar 143834 problem.” ~Jiddu Krishnamurti~

Your challenge is to find a problem that you will enjoy solving, and a serious need that people will happily pay you to have solved. Do you have a particular skill for handling certain kinds of problems? What irritating difficulties have you overcome in your life, no matter how small? Do you seem to know how to keep your old car going no matter how old it gets? Have you find a simple way to keep your children’s hair from getting tangled? Have you discovered a way to keep your pets free from fleas?

Maybe you have found solutions to bigger problems such as experiencing a depression, an illness, or a major life challenge. It is likely that many other people have also experiencedrepparttar 143835 problems you have. They may be grateful to benefit from your personal experience and unique solutions. Your internet home based business could be developed around sharing what you have learned with others. Many entrepreneurs discovered their best home based businesses by examining their own trials and tribulations. One entrepreneur did just this.

Best Home Based Businesses: Four Soul Searching Steps to Creating an Internet Home Based Business Step One: Discover What You Love

Written by Chrystal Chantel

Have you been searching for one ofrepparttar best home based businesses? Do you yearn to give up your day job and find a way to work at home? More and more people are turning torepparttar 143818 internet to find a way to build their own internet home based business. Imagine! What would it be like if you had fulfilling, interesting work that you could do from home, and that would give you a comfortable income? Whether you’d simply likerepparttar 143819 freedom of being able to work in your pajamas, or spend more time with your children, you too could be one ofrepparttar 143820 lucky few who develop their own internet home based business.

How could you turn that dream into reality? Well, there are two main paths to creating an internet business: 1. Sell products and services provided by other people 2. Create your own products and services to sell

In this article we will focus onrepparttar 143821 second path – selling your own products and services. But how will you know what to sell? What skills, products, or services could you offer to potential customers? Finding out what to offer to your customers is a process of self-discovery.

Begin with these four main steps to come up withrepparttar 143822 ideal concept for you: 1. Discover what you love, 2. Brainstorm ideas, 3. Assess those ideas, 4. Research those ideas.

This article is a four part series that coversrepparttar 143823 above steps. To view Parts 2, 3, and 4 please do an Author search on Ezine Articles for Chrystal Chantel.

Today we will focus on Step One: Discover what you love. Followrepparttar 143824 steps carefully and you too will be able to develop one ofrepparttar 143825 best home based businesses.

“To find out what one is fitted to do, and to secure an opportunity to do it, isrepparttar 143826 key to happiness.” ~John Dewey~

In creating one ofrepparttar 143827 best home based businesses, you will need to be careful what you create. Are you going to create a business that turns into another job likerepparttar 143828 one you want to leave? Only now you’rerepparttar 143829 one in charge? Are you going to create a job full of things you have to do but don’t particularly want to? You do have alternatives. You could choose to create not a job, but a career, or even a vocation: a form of work where you love going to work, where you really enjoy what you do every day.

“There is work that is work and there is play that is play; there is play that is work and work that is play. And in only one of these lie happiness." ~Gelett Burgess~

So let’s explore what you love to do. What are your interests, and your passions. How do you like to spend your spare time? In this first step we need to find out what really interests you, what you could do for hours and enjoy every minute of it. This step is key not just for your own personal happiness. This point will go torepparttar 143830 very heart ofrepparttar 143831 success of your new business. A wise self-employment teacher once told me:

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