BBC announces online financial health check

Written by Richard Green

Controlling your finances inrepparttar UK has never been more difficult; national levels of personal debt spiralling out of control, house prices out of reach for most first-time buyers, high street banks warning of increased numbers of people unable to pay off their debts, andrepparttar 146467 oncoming pensions time bomb looming inrepparttar 146468 distance. The question exercising economic analysts and institutions is what can be done to resolve?

Overrepparttar 146469 past few years, due in part torepparttar 146470 expansion of online services, there has been an explosion inrepparttar 146471 number of sources providing financial information to consumers. You can findrepparttar 146472 address of your nearest financial adviser (, compare credit cards or loans (, check your credit score (, and seek help when difficulties arise ( or These sites provide a wealth of information, however oftenrepparttar 146473 problem is simply down to knowing where to start looking for help, or even acknowledging that there might be a problem inrepparttar 146474 first place.

Nowrepparttar 146475 BBC along withrepparttar 146476 Financial Services Authority (FSA) have just announcedrepparttar 146477 launch of a new collaborative initiative to help people gain a better understanding of their financial situation, and provide useful links to information and checklists that can be used to sort out your budget and plan forrepparttar 146478 future.

With just a few mouse clicksrepparttar 146479 BBC ( aims to give consumers access to articles and tips to take some ofrepparttar 146480 distress out of sorting your finances. Although it may not berepparttar 146481 most exciting site onrepparttar 146482 web, it is extremely informative, containing up-to-date information and links, and withrepparttar 146483 backing ofrepparttar 146484 FSA financial regulators, there is an assurance thatrepparttar 146485 information is kept accurate.

Hopefully this new resource, coming fromrepparttar 146486 BBC, will mean there is an increase inrepparttar 146487 level of financial awareness inrepparttar 146488 UK. The timing ofrepparttar 146489 new service corresponds with calls in Scotland, byrepparttar 146490 Executive, for “not-for-profit” organisations to come up with new innovative ways to promptrepparttar 146491 working population to save for retirement. The Scotsman newspaper asserts that this “translates as hammering homerepparttar 146492 message that we must all save more to support ourselves in old age: asrepparttar 146493 government has no intention of doing so.”

Perks and Pitfalls of Debt Consolidation

Written by Tim Gorman

Whether you want to pursue debt consolidation in order to make a good financial situation better or to pull yourself back fromrepparttar brink of bankruptcy you will want to considerrepparttar 146421 good and bad things that may result fromrepparttar 146422 choices you make.

Perks and Potential Benefits of Debt Consolidation

1. Debt consolidation should lower your monthly payments, and preferably your interest rates as well. This will lowerrepparttar 146423 long term cost of your debt.

2. Debt consolidation may improve your credit rating and make it easier for you to purchase a home or automobile.

3. When done properly debt consolidation can remove a great deal of emotional and financial pressure from your life.

4. Debt consolidation may help many people avoid having to file for bankruptcy.

5. A significant benefit of debt consolidation isrepparttar 146424 elimination of harassing phone calls from creditors and collection agencies. This will happen more quickly when debts are paid off through home equity or personal loans. It should still happen over time through debt management plans whenrepparttar 146425 creditors realize you are working in good faith to pay off your debt.

Pitfalls or Things to Avoid in Debt Consolidation

1. Avoid debt consolidation loans or plans that require high up front fees. Reputable lenders and credit counseling agencies generally charge low fees, or no fees.

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