Written by Janice Johnson

When fighting blemishes it is essential that you userepparttar right cleansers for your skin. Regardless of whether you have teenage acne or adult acne a gentle cleanse should always be a necessary part of your daily routine.

Every individual has different skin needs. But what doesn’t differ is that everyone’s skin needs to be cleaned to remove excess dirt brought about byrepparttar 136220 outside environment. Gentle cleansing isrepparttar 136221 first place to start.

Use a water-soluble cleanser:

Water-soluble cleansers are great because they gently cleanse your skin without stimulatingrepparttar 136222 oil glands. A gentle cleanse does not cause redness or dryness. It also makesrepparttar 136223 skin feel soft and releases oil and dirt gently without damagingrepparttar 136224 skin.

Once you leave those dry, irritating pore-clogging bar cleansers and soaps behind, you will notice a distinct difference inrepparttar 136225 way your skin looks and feels. But you must remember to ONLY stick to water-soluble cleansers which are free of exfoliating agents, oil absorbing ingredients and topical disinfectants. These harsh ingredients do very little forrepparttar 136226 skin because these active ingredients are quickly washed away – not providing any benefit onrepparttar 136227 skin at all. These ingredients are best used inrepparttar 136228 other stages ofrepparttar 136229 cleansing process – like moisturizers, exfoliators or for disinfectingrepparttar 136230 skin.

But it is important to not only cater torepparttar 136231 outside of your body but also you must cater to your body fromrepparttar 136232 inside-out. Make sure you are eating anti-oxidant rich, non-inflammatory foods like hazelnuts, salmon, celery, cucumbers, apples, yogurt and pomegranates.

Is Lunesta Sleeping Pill Safe For You?

Written by Cassandra Walters

Everyone has an occasional sleepless night, and this is not a problem for most people. Shockingly, as many as 30% of Americans report occasional sleeping problems, and for about 15% ofrepparttar population it is a chronic problem. In these cases,repparttar 136165 lack of restful sleep impairsrepparttar 136166 person's ability to carry out daily responsibilities because they are too tired or they have trouble concentrating. Chronic sleep conditions can also cause memory problems, irritability and even depression.

Imagine allrepparttar 136167 times lying in bed at night wondering what it will take for you to fall asleep. Is there a more frustrating feeling? Many people often consider using a prescription sleeping pill to solve their chronic sleep problems. Is Prescription Drug Lunesta® Right For You?

Eszopiclone isrepparttar 136168 generic name forrepparttar 136169 sedative/hypnotic Lunesta®. This prescription medication was introduced earlier this year torepparttar 136170 sleep aid market. Lunesta® must be taken immediately before bedtime and you should make sure you have a full eight hours to devote to sleeping before taking it. You may notice that you are not quite as alert, or have increased drowsinessrepparttar 136171 next day if you do not get enough sleep. Never stop taking it without talking to your doctor and never stop abruptly. This can lead to withdrawal symptoms that include anxiety, abnormal dreams, nausea, and upset stomach. Another warning: Avoid alcohol when taking this drug. Combiningrepparttar 136172 two could cause a coma and even death.

And remember, although Lunesta® is not a narcotic, it could become habit forming. Potential side effects include chest pain, drowsiness, headache, unpleasant taste, nervousness, dizziness, and dry mouth. Using strong drugs to fall asleep often means thatrepparttar 136173 body's natural sleep cycle is disturbed andrepparttar 136174 ability to fall asleep naturally is lost. Keep this in mind when considering any prescription sedative.

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