Awards Programs: Ethics

Written by Richard Lowe

One ofrepparttar characteristics of an excellent awards program isrepparttar 131986 presence of solid ethics. This is very important as all awardmasters must understand that they weld a certain amount of power over their fellow webmasters. They haverepparttar 131987 power to cause individuals to blossom and become better at their tasks. Conversely, they can easily cause discouragement and despair which can lead to much evil.

That's probably one ofrepparttar 131988 most important facts to remember about being an awardmaster - you haverepparttar 131989 power to help or to harm. Use that power wisely and you will give people pleasure, reinforce their self-worth and perhaps make them better webmasters. Use it unwisely, and you could even cause them to stop creating web sites altogether.

Don't believe me? Take a look at this note from someone who won one of our awards:

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Lowe, I want to thank you fromrepparttar 131990 bottom of my heart forrepparttar 131991 "heart and Soul" award! I cried when I saw it, as I had given up on it! My health is taking a downward plunge, therefore it means a whole lot more! You just can't imagine how informative and useful your newsletter is to me. Hangrepparttar 131992 superstitions; Fridayrepparttar 131993 13th is lucky for me! :o) Mrs Lowe, I hope this letter finds you in good health! God Bless"

Wow! Now that's having an impact on someone's life!

This is why it is very important to be completely ethical when you run an awards program (we are talking about real website awards programs here, not those that simply giverepparttar 131994 awards to whoever applies). What makes an ethical awardsmaster?

First and foremost is a desire to be constructive at all times. Never give any kind of criticism. Some awardsmasters give advice when specifically asked - personally, my recommendation is to stay away from this practice. Why? Unless you are very, very good at giving advice without making it seem like criticism you are bound to cause someone to become discouraged and upset. Really, your goal is to award good works (and you define what is a good work), not to give out advice.

You should have a well written set of criteria which more or less explains exactly why a site did not win. There really is only one answer torepparttar 131995 losers - "look atrepparttar 131996 criteria. Compare your site torepparttar 131997 criteria, point by point, and it should become obvious why you did not win."

Attention to Detail or Learning How to Hate Humble Pie

Written by Tom Cornwell

Having been inrepparttar printing & graphics business forrepparttar 131984 past 25 years, I can attest torepparttar 131985 importance of attending to details, both in work quality and customer satisfaction. E-commerce is not so much different, especially in principle.

A typing error can not only be embarrassing, but also costrepparttar 131986 printer a lot of money, consideringrepparttar 131987 waste in paper, time and labor. Onrepparttar 131988 Internet,repparttar 131989 fix is cheap - sometimes - unless that typing error alters data such as pricing, in which case it can create an expensive mess, or nothing at all - such as 'no sales'.

Last week a fellow wrote to tell me thatrepparttar 131990 links on my pages didn't work! I thought he was out of his mind, but decided to go through and check them out - just in case he wasn't. After wading through a half-dozen pages, finding no problems, I finally arrived to a group I'd put up about a year ago. The links atrepparttar 131991 bottom ofrepparttar 131992 pages surely did not work!

When I originally composedrepparttar 131993 pages, I did a quick 'cut & paste' ofrepparttar 131994 hyperlinks atrepparttar 131995 bottom so I would not have to retyperepparttar 131996 same information over and over. Unfortunately, I copied a bad link; all my hyperlinks were now calling for files in my 'A-drive' rather than those withinrepparttar 131997 directory on my server. I unwittingly pasted them on each ofrepparttar 131998 new pages I'd composed that afternoon and loaded them up torepparttar 131999 server. It probably wouldn't have been much of a big deal, but those pages were describing a couple of books I am marketing andrepparttar 132000 reader simply could not get torepparttar 132001 order pages from those pages - after, of course, they were very interested in doing so!

Now, you would think I'd have double-checked those links at some point soon after, but I was in a hurry to finish and confident that I had done a good job, besides, sales were coming in, so why worry?

The sales were coming in, however, from readers determined to circumventrepparttar 132002 worthless links and buyrepparttar 132003 books any- way. How many sales did I lose from those that gave up after hitting my 'problem' hyperlinks?

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