Award Competitions: Route to a Publicity Bonanza

Written by Marcia Yudkin

Inc. magazine is currently inrepparttar process of judging sites for its annual small business Web award winners. Since I was a judge last year, I thought I'd offer some observations on how and why to enter your Web site for prestigious awards like this.

First, there were less than 800 entrants in six categories. If we eliminate entrants that were clearly not ready for serious consideration (rampant misspellings, garish color schemes, unfunctional links, no business focus), you may have had a one in 50 chance of winning -- and much, much higher odds in certain categories.

Second, it's essential to readrepparttar 102809 entry instructions carefully. Every question or item asked for inrepparttar 102810 instructions is there for a reason, and you runrepparttar 102811 risk of disqualification if you don't provide allrepparttar 102812 requested information.

Inrepparttar 102813 case ofrepparttar 102814 Inc. awards, some excellent sites were removed fromrepparttar 102815 running because they did not answerrepparttar 102816 questions asked inrepparttar 102817 entry procedure. Even after being e-mailed for more information, they still did not addressrepparttar 102818 questions. I couldn't tell whether they did this becauserepparttar 102819 answers might not have placed them in a favorable light or because they had a cavalier attitude towardrepparttar 102820 judging and thought they could set their own terms forrepparttar 102821 competition.

Third, for a Web site award, make sure you don't schedule a site upgrade duringrepparttar 102822 judging period. This happened in more than one instance, believe it or not. A couple of companies that might have won were eliminated fromrepparttar 102823 running because their sites weren't available at all duringrepparttar 102824 week thatrepparttar 102825 judges were viewingrepparttar 102826 finalists. Inc. bent over backwards to give sites a second chance when judges complained they couldn't access some finalists. Even so, this factor knocked a couple of promising candidates out ofrepparttar 102827 picture.

"Emergence of Las Vegas as an ART Mecca"

Written by Bob Rind

This article is about AUDREY ROBERTS international art promoter and representative forrepparttar art work of Anthony Quinn.

Ms. Roberts isrepparttar 102808 creator of ARTVrepparttar 102809 country's first ART tv

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