Avoiding Blacklisting: Making Sure Your Email Gets Through

Written by Karen Fegarty

Avoiding Blacklisting: Making Sure Your Email Gets Through

by Karen Fegarty http://www.blacklistmonitor.com

We all know that email is probably today's most popular way to advertise. Every day our inboxes are filled with messages from people who want our business--whether we asked forrepparttar contact or not. Email is today's biggest communication factor; but why shouldn't it be? It's all but free to use, and it's almost instantaneous.

But there is one problem with advertising via email that you may not think of very often: blacklisting. All it takes is one complaint, and your ISP or domain name can be put on someone's black list. If you're onrepparttar 109534 black list, your emails are not getting through--and neither is your advertising message.

So how big of a problem is this? Well, AOL, one ofrepparttar 109535 world's biggest Internet service providers, winds up blocking a whopping 80% of messages to its subscribers due to blacklising. Your email could berepparttar 109536 most legitimate message ever sent, but if one person forgets they signed up or decides to complain, you could be blacklisted. And for your business,repparttar 109537 resulting slump in sales can be devastating.

What is a blacklist, exactly? A blacklist is a database of known Internet addresses (or IPs) used by individuals or companies sending spam. Various ISP's and bandwidth providers subscribe to these blacklist databases in order to filter out spam sent across their network or to their subscribers. Companies like AOL, MSN, and Yahoo all have very strict policies on spam, so many well-intended, legitimate emails never get through.

Can Your Visitors Contact You From Your Website

Written by Dave Tan

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Author: Dave Tan - Wednesday, June 23, 2004

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Argh, where'srepparttar 109533 contact button?! Believe it or not, some websites just DON'T WANT any visitors (even customers) to CONTACT them. There's no email address, no contact form, no NOTHING!

What if a potential customer wants to BUY something from your website but have a few questions or doubts that he/she needs to ask you first? If you have a FAQ page, that'srepparttar 109534 first place he/she will definitely seek answers...but what if your FAQ page still can't providerepparttar 109535 answers he/she seeks?

Don't care?! Not your problem?! Would rather prevent spam than going through allrepparttar 109536 trouble?!

If your website can't even provide even HANDLErepparttar 109537 SIMPLEST form of communication, you will definitely lose lots of potential customers (even loyal customers) because simply can't contact you!

That's whyrepparttar 109538 Contact Us button or link should be placed in a highly visible or accessible position. This is common sense. Who would feel SAFE to buy from a someone let alone a website that don't even providerepparttar 109539 most BASIC form of customer support. What ifrepparttar 109540 product they bought is defective or they're having some trouble accessing it?

If you're HIDING your website's email address purely because of spammers, especially from those email harvester software, you do NOT really need to REMOVE your email address from your web site. You can create and place a simple GIF image with your email address on it usingrepparttar 109541 same background color as your web page.

Example 1:

To contact us, send us an email to: Placing an simple gif to replace<IMG height=12 src= simple mailto link.">

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