Avoid the 11 Costly Mistakes Career-Seekers Make

Written by Bill Dueease

Most people spend approximately 25% to over 67% of their waking hours working. Eventually, most everyone will want to work in a career that they enjoy and are paid well enough to live a prosperous life. Yet, far too many people end up being miserable in their job and find themselves stuck in a career that they did not choose. People then get discouraged, produce less, and become disgruntled. Unfortunately, people then blame themselves or those they work for, when in truth there is rarely anything wrong with them orrepparttar people they work for. Instead, maybe their job selection process is flawed which causes them to fall intorepparttar 149284 wrong positions.

You have considerable control over selecting your work conditions to getrepparttar 149285 position you are passionate about by following these 11 steps.

Step # 1 Avoid followingrepparttar 149286 normal trial and error career selection process

You probably followrepparttar 149287 trial and error path to select your job or career. You take jobs that appear to berepparttar 149288 best opportunities and try them out. You adjust to what your bosses andrepparttar 149289 companies want in hopes of advancement. You eventually discover that you are stuck in jobs or careers that you really don't like. You might switch to other jobs and try them out and eventually end up inrepparttar 149290 same unhappy position. You will want to avoid falling back intorepparttar 149291 trial and error selection process.

Step # 2 Avoid following a career path to please others

Many people feel obligated to follow a career to please others or that they feel they “should” pursue. Spousal influence, peer pressure, family tradition, parental pressure, societal pressure, and other outside influences are frequently allowed to dictate career paths. In these situations, you end up working to suitrepparttar 149292 needs, wants and expectations of someone other than yourself and deep conflicts arise. These conflicts cause you stress, unhappiness and income reduction. You end up working at a position you do not like and eventually disappointrepparttar 149293 people you wanted to please inrepparttar 149294 first place.

Step # 3 Focus first on what you want and enjoy in your ideal career

You have your own inner wants, needs, and feelings. Many times it is easier to follow how others view you than to look for and acceptrepparttar 149295 truth about yourself. The only way you will know which career is best for you is to focus first on YOU to discover what YOU want and what is important to YOU.

Step # 4 Discover your true passions

Most people are passionate about something, but have suppressed their feelings for a number of reasons. You will want to discover what you are passionate about so you can findrepparttar 149296 position that will allow you to feel fulfilled. Your passions are always with you and you probably do not recognize or understand them. You will know you are passionate about something when you become naturally excited just thinking about it and even more excited about doing it.

Step # 5 Discover your true desires and priorities

Most people do not takerepparttar 149297 time to discover what their desires and priorities are in life. They seem to just go withrepparttar 149298 flow and hope that they are heading inrepparttar 149299 right direction. Yet,repparttar 149300 one big reason people feel so frustrated while working is that it conflicts with their true desires and priorities. An example of a desire is: wanting to work outdoors with people. An example of a priority is: placing your family first.

Step # 6 Discover your true values

Everyone has his or her own value system. Unfortunately, people rarely look into their own values and instead frequently acceptrepparttar 149301 values imposed byrepparttar 149302 companies they work for. Just look atrepparttar 149303 damage caused torepparttar 149304 many employees of Enron, World Com, Global Crossing and others whose beliefs did not agree withrepparttar 149305 misguided values ofrepparttar 149306 CEO's and higher executives. Were all ofrepparttar 149307 employees misguided? Certainly not. Yet, most failed to discover their very honest values, and were penalized anyway, because they conflicted withrepparttar 149308 values ofrepparttar 149309 leaders ofrepparttar 149310 companies.

9 Secrets to Career Success

Written by Bill Dueease

Are you miserable at your job (or what you are doing) but go anyway to earn a living? Do you feel you are unable to use your talents and are doing things that are stressful? Do you find yourself in a career rut? Wouldn’t you rather be in your ideal income position and “Go to Play” everyday? Most people spend approximately 35% to over 67% of their waking hours working. Being unhappy for so much ofrepparttar day makes it difficult to enjoyrepparttar 149283 rest of your waking hours. Think how your life will turn around when you are actually enjoying your "work." In your ideal career you will be doing what you love and be so good at it that you will produce considerable value which will attract more rewards (including money) than you need.

Does this sound impossible? Well it isn’t. Here are 9 secrets to getrepparttar 149284 career you will really enjoy.

Secret #1 Focus on you first, before looking at a career Most people have followedrepparttar 149285 same trial and error path to work. They take a job that appears to berepparttar 149286 best “opportunity” and try it out. They adjust to what their bosses andrepparttar 149287 company want in hopes of advancement. They eventually discover that they are stuck in a job or career that they really don't like. Then they decide to try another job “opportunity” andrepparttar 149288 error cycle continues. To get out of this job rut and get your ideal career you will want to look at your wants and needs first, to discover what your ideal career looks like, before you select your next position.

Secret #2 Discover your true passions All of us have things we are passionate about doing, but have suppressed them because of a number of reasons. Even though you do not consciously know your passions exist, your subconscious “gut” does. You are probably fulfilling a hidden passion when you do something that gives you a very good “gut” feeling. Conversely, when your “gut” tightens up and creates stress, it is probably because you are doing something at work you are passionate about NOT doing. Once you consciously discover what you are passionate about doing and not doing, you will be able to create a position that allows you to fulfill both. When you follow your passions, you eliminate your conflicts, you have more energy, you have more fun, and you become much better at what you do.

Secret #3 Discover your true desires and priorities Most of us do not takerepparttar 149289 time in life to discover our true desires and priorities. We seem to just go withrepparttar 149290 flow and hope that we are heading inrepparttar 149291 right direction. We tend to suppress our true desires and priorities forrepparttar 149292 sake of others. Yet,repparttar 149293 one big reason we feel so frustrated in working at a job is becauserepparttar 149294 work conflicts with our true desires and priorities. These conscious conflicts create guilt, doubt, and eventual stress. Yes, you can balance your personal, work and family priorities, but only after you dig to discover what they truly are. You can organize your occupation around your own personal priorities, which will allow you to perform much better at work and reaprepparttar 149295 additional rewards you deserve. For example, look at how many home-based businesses have popped up to allow people to fulfill both family and work priorities without undue conflicts.

Secret #4 Discover your true values Everyone has his or her own value system. Unfortunately, people rarely look into them and more often than not acceptrepparttar 149296 values imposed byrepparttar 149297 companies they work for. Just look atrepparttar 149298 damage caused torepparttar 149299 many employees of Enron, World Com, Global Crossing and others whose beliefs did not agree withrepparttar 149300 misguided values ofrepparttar 149301 CEO's and higher executives. Were all ofrepparttar 149302 employees misguided? Certainly not. Most had very honest values but they were penalized anyway.

Secret #5 Discover your true talents All of us are blessed with certain talents, yet we rarely stop to really figure out what they are. You will enjoy working, be much more productive, and generate more quality results when you maximizerepparttar 149303 use of your talents at work. Your increased productivity and higher quality results will attract greater rewards for you. Matching your natural talents to your income position will create greater enjoyment and attract increased rewards atrepparttar 149304 same time.

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