Avoid These 5 Web Site Blunders!

Written by Alexandria Brown

The Web is intended to help people find information quickly and easily. So why do so many sites make it difficult for users to get what they need?

As president of a copywriting firm that writes and edits dozens of online projects a year, I've come across several common blunders that prevent effective communication viarepparttar Web. Here are my top five:

BLUNDER #1: Hiding who you are and what you do.

It's sad that many sites make it a challenge to figure out what they're about. Yes, it may be cool to have a giant dancing logo on your home page, but don't forget WHY your visitors are there: to learn what you can DO for them! Be sure your home page includes a *short overview* that clearly and concisely describes what you have to offer. It's also a good idea to repeat your tagline or a short mission statement on *every page* of your site. Why? People can pop in and land on an inside page via a search engine/directory link that you may not be aware of. Make sure they know who your are right away.

BLUNDER #2: Writing for print.

Reading copy on a computer screen is different than reading printed text. We read online text more slowly, and we tend to scan rather than read because, visually,repparttar 132118 words are harder to digest. Help your users find key words and concepts quickly by making your copy "scannable." Instead of intro paragraphs, use subheads. Use shorter sentences, paragraphs, and pages. Use bulleted lists. And use hyperlinks to give readers more info if they want it.

BLUNDER #3: Writing too formally.

Online readers expect a personal, upbeat tone. If you write like a bureaucrat, you risk turning off many users. Think ACTIVE voice rather than passive. (For example, instead of saying "the computer must be turned on" say "turn onrepparttar 132119 computer.") Write to your customers like you'd talk to them, and nix any industry jargon they may not understand.

How to make a name for yourself on the 21st century Internet

Written by Ace Bravo

Clearly,repparttar Internet technology is going at a tremendous pace and you need to make a presence for yourself in this vast and lucrative market.

So, lets dive inrepparttar 132117 subject right away and say that you need to have a web site. An e-business site to create a presence for you onrepparttar 132118 web. I'll show you how to decide what your site is going to be about in a moment. Inrepparttar 132119 meantime, lets take a look atrepparttar 132120 reality here.

Allrepparttar 132121 indications and expert analysts' reports point torepparttar 132122 direction whererepparttar 132123 world is headed. Everyday, e-commerce generates $32,000,000 in sales. The whole world is connected. Domain names are going at a scary rate everyday. Think of any domain name and do a whois on it. I bet you'll find that it has been taken. This should be enough for you to start thinking; you owe it to yourself.

When I decided to make a web site I had an idea on what it's going to be about. I didn't haverepparttar 132124 money to start an e-business site right away. Instead, I started a site, which cost me $120.00 CDN for a 1-year hosting and $70.00 US for domain registration for 2 years. Remember when I said domain names are going fast, it took me 3 days to find this name.


How to start?

First, think of an idea just an idea on what your site should be about. Ask yourself what am I good at? You must be good at something find it. To help you, you can always start With a site that can provide a service to people, visit my site http://www.sitefiles.com/ and try to get an idea. If you look around you'll see tons of sites about FREE STUFF it's a good idea.

The point is to put your foot onrepparttar 132125 first step, once you're confident go up one more step and keep going you'll never stop until you've made a good fortune for yourself.

By now you should have a name in mind and if not taken, do not hesitate to register it right away. On http://www.sitefiles.com/, you'll see Network Solutions search box. Use it if you like to search for free names and to register your OWN domain name.

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