Avoid The Trap of Rampant online Home Based Business Failures

Written by Alec Brown

Home Based Business Opportunities are experiencing record breaking failures onrepparttar internet, asrepparttar 135895 lay person turn towards business ventures for another source of income.

The low capital outlay, andrepparttar 135896 low startup costs make it easy for The Home Based Business Entrepeneurs to start up an online business. Butrepparttar 135897 road is littered with their Failures. It can be avoided.

Don't letrepparttar 135898 little things rob you ofrepparttar 135899 Great Opportunities in Life. Time isrepparttar 135900 only common denominator betweenrepparttar 135901 rich,repparttar 135902 middle-class andrepparttar 135903 poor. In other words,repparttar 135904 only thingrepparttar 135905 rich andrepparttar 135906 poor share is that they both have 24 hours a day.

It's how we make use of our time that will determine how far we go towards achieving our Financial Dreams. If you are draining away your financial resources and keep falling intorepparttar 135907 trap of working too many projects atrepparttar 135908 same time,repparttar 135909 chances are you will simply spend your way (like me) both in time and money into bankruptcy. There are many more affiliates promoting Get Very Rich Very Quickly Packages than there are people getting rich.

Most Newbies get discouraged very quickly with their current business venture and drop it because they could not achieve quick get rich very quick results. They give themselves a set time limit for their Great Business to work, and then quit to get intorepparttar 135910 next Great business venture. This isrepparttar 135911 Great Beginnings Loop, a common Home Business Strategy for most online newbies.

Actually this is a Powerful Strategy for Total Home Business Failure. It can be worse, if you keep on doing this, in a short time you will actually developrepparttar 135912 habit of jumping from one business opportunity torepparttar 135913 other without ever achieving Financial Success. This isrepparttar 135914 infamous Continuous Loop of Pure Activity (makes you feel like you’re doing something) and predictable Failure.

It is as addictive as gambling,repparttar 135915 endorphin rush after joining,repparttar 135916 depressing low after you lost all hope, then on torepparttar 135917 next high, a series of continuous loop and mindless activity, enacting a self fulfilling prophecy. It filters through to other areas of your life, with very destructive and damaging results.

Rich Dad

Written by Ran Ten

Rich Dad – Real Implementation Techniques

After readingrepparttar first 3 books of Rich-Dad I constantly looked for an easy method to implementrepparttar 135824 techniques and building profits from this knowledge.

As expressed in Rich-Dad books there are 3 main aspect to build you own portfolio and build a financial independency:

A. Real-Estate B. Internet C. Business and Business development

A. Real-Estate

Starting withrepparttar 135825 first technique I immediately purchased a 2nd two room apartment on central location at attractive price of $75k while 90% been financed byrepparttar 135826 bank (mortgage)repparttar 135827 average income of this apartment reach $400 per month.

3 months later I've purchased my 3rd apartment for $102k again at 90% financing and average of $550 return fromrepparttar 135828 renters.

Although both of my new apartments consider being an attractive investment, my cash flow was hardly changed asrepparttar 135829 20 years mortgages are almost identical torepparttar 135830 rental fees.

Real-Estate is a good long-term investment, however due torepparttar 135831 complications, cost and time of liquidation; one must use in parallel other techniques to reach a full financial independency.

Note: Today I own 5 apartments, and plan to reach 10 beforerepparttar 135832 age of 30.

B. Internet

Internet huge potential for mass markets is a great media that can be used by independent individual utilizing easy tools already exist onrepparttar 135833 market.

One must remember thatrepparttar 135834 internet is a media; to its potential you should haverepparttar 135835 following factors:

1. Products or Services 2. Attractive site with selling capabilities 3. Cost effective marketing techniques

To learn aboutrepparttar 135836 media I've decided to start with a non-commercial site which will be useful and will include various methods of site-building, I found out that there are many hosts that provide easy tools and hosting for free E.g. http://www.20m.com So I built my first websites 5 years ago and it's still online: http://www.155.20m.com http://www.mail2god.20m.com http://www.1800-international.com http://www.itx-group.com http://www.100-dollar.net http://www.cassino-bonus.com http://www.deadsea-shop.com

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