Avoid The Big Advertising Mistakes

Written by Robert Warren

Is your advertising copy gettingrepparttar results you want? If not, look at your current marketing to see if you're making one ofrepparttar 108088 major copywriting mistakes:

Selling features instead of benefits. Telling your customer that your "fabulous new ALF-400 comes complete with AeroScan and BandControl technologies!" doesn't actually tell them anything. Will your services save your customers money or help them sleep better at night? If so, tell them. People buy solutions to problems and means to ends. Sellrepparttar 108089 benefits and watch your profits climb.

Not educatingrepparttar 108090 reader. Most people are reasonably intelligent and sincerely want to learn aboutrepparttar 108091 world around them. Does your copy contain solid information, or is it mostly emotional appeal and little substance? Ease backrepparttar 108092 fireworks and giverepparttar 108093 reader something real to chew on.

Being boring. Easing backrepparttar 108094 fireworks doesn't mean getting rid of them completely. Use just enough drama and emotional appeal to keep your reader interested. This is where a solid understanding of your customers fits in - what are their hopes and fears? Where do your services fit between them?

Five Keys To Leaner And Meaner Copywriting

Written by Robert Warren

Grab 'em and don't lose 'em. Every marketer knows that one. Human beings have very short attention spans, so you can't afford to waste your prospect's time - give themrepparttar good stuff and then let them go as soon as you can. Writing effective marketing material is all about writing crisply with just a handful of words.

Clean writing isn't an accident, but is insteadrepparttar 108087 result ofrepparttar 108088 careful application of certain principles and tools. Try these five techniques for crafting leaner, meaner, more effective business copy:

Avoid modifiers. Modifiers changerepparttar 108089 meaning of other words;repparttar 108090 most common of these are adverbs and adjectives (words that describe verbs and nouns, respectively). They're used whenrepparttar 108091 writer feels thatrepparttar 108092 noun or verb needs a little something extra: "the shining sun", "run quickly", etc. Get rid of as many modifiers as you can and choose nouns and verbs that stand on their own.

No lazy words. Every word should be doing real work, conveying necessary information and supporting other parts ofrepparttar 108093 piece. Think of your sentences as support beams and rafters in a building, and analyzerepparttar 108094 piece word-by-word: are there any nails sticking out of boards? Anything that's there purely for show? Anything that doesn't strengthen your writing weakens it. Strip your copy down to its most essential parts, and throw outrepparttar 108095 words that are sleeping onrepparttar 108096 job.

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