Avoid Potential Job Interview Disasters

Written by Nathan Newberger

This http://www.WorkTree.com article by Nathan Newberger gives you some common sense advice and tips on avoiding potential interview disasters.

There are definitely things that you can do to avoid minor mishaps which could ultimately blow an interview. Become familiar with these 7 potential interview disasters so you can prevent them from obstructing your path to that ideal job.

1. DON'T ARRIVE LATE Showing up late is both rude and inconsiderate. Is thisrepparttar first impression that you want to leave with a potential employer? Map out your route and try it out beforerepparttar 145467 interview. Plan on being at least half an hour early to your appointment. This will provide a buffer to protect against wrong turns, traffic jams and allrepparttar 145468 other mishaps that may befall you. If you arrive early, you can userepparttar 145469 time to calm your nerves.

2. DON'T SAY THE WRONG NAME Many a nervous candidate has been known to accidentally callrepparttar 145470 interviewerrepparttar 145471 wrong name. In order to avoid this disconcerting faux pau, find out who you will be speaking to beforerepparttar 145472 interview. Memorizerepparttar 145473 name(s). If this information is not available prior torepparttar 145474 meeting, then writerepparttar 145475 person’s name on your notepad as soon as you sit down forrepparttar 145476 interview. If you do slip-up, do not make a huge fuss. Apologize quickly (and sincerely) and move on.

3. DON'T SAY THE WRONG THING Choose your words carefully. Avoid impulsive answers;repparttar 145477 first thing that pops into your head may not berepparttar 145478 best response. Remember, it’s ok to pause if you need some time to think. Feel free to say "that’s a good question; let me take a moment to think about it." This demonstrates that you think before you speak. Is your everyday speech peppered with expletives or other potentially offensive phrases? If so, take care to avoid these during your meeting.

4. DON'T BECOME SPEECHLESS Interviews are stressful situations for evenrepparttar 145479 most qualified candidates. This tension can lead to candidates "freezing up" duringrepparttar 145480 meeting. Alleviate some ofrepparttar 145481 expected stress by practicing mock interview questions. Have a friend conduct simulated interviews. If possible, have him/her conductrepparttar 145482 interview in a variety of manners including reserved, rushed, and disinterested. This way you will be better prepared for whateverrepparttar 145483 interview may bring.

How to Receive Multiple Job Offers After You’re Fired

Written by Marta L. Driesslein, CECC

The more you try to be in control,repparttar less you really are…in life and at work. You just got fired and you think it’srepparttar 145424 end ofrepparttar 145425 world. You’re looking atrepparttar 145426 wrong end. Ask survivors ofrepparttar 145427 most popular reality television shows and they’ll tell you “If you have to eat a cockroach, don’t spend too much time thinking about it.” Keep focused onrepparttar 145428 end-game and move on.

Know yourself, have a plan, make a footprint. After you’re fired,repparttar 145429 raw power needed to convert a job loss into a high-voltage catalyst that gains multiple job offers is surprisingly simple. Consider these energizers:

Who you are? Detangle your sense of job from your sense of self

Where are you going? Design a five-year plan for career focus / direction

What can you do? Maintain a life-long log of your career achievements

“Getting fired is a lot like getting divorced,” says Steve Johnson, Vice President of Information Systems for R. L. Stevens & Associates Inc., http://interviewing.com/ a leading international career marketing firm headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. “All you hear is ‘I don’t want you anymore’,” he says.

Own your success and your failures. When he was fired from a multi-billion dollar petroleum company earlier in his career, discernment gave Johnson, a business-world veteran,repparttar 145430 inner strength to get up and get on instead of rolling over and playing dead.

Despite an impressive portfolio of documented achievements that solidly contributed torepparttar 145431 bottom line through process reengineering, he was still let go. His stellar performance though appreciated, was undervalued by his employers. Johnson made sure that this unexpected event did not end his career or dampen his spirits. “The time I was givenrepparttar 145432 pink slip and told my talents were no longer needed, I faced a decision to either continually bemoanrepparttar 145433 shut door or look forward and find a new door I could open.”

Possessrepparttar 145434 wisdom to knowrepparttar 145435 difference between opportunity lost and possibility found. Johnson, an avid golfer, expertly swung himself out of his job loss bunker and found customers wanting his talents by takingrepparttar 145436 same approach in his job search as he does in his sport. “Getting fired is like an awful day onrepparttar 145437 golf course. You’ve got to stay inrepparttar 145438 game, playrepparttar 145439 holes, and adapt, improvise and overcome,” he says.

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