Avoid Costly Advertising – Learn How to Write a Press Release to Promote Your - Self/Business.

Written by Michael Harrison

Learn how to write a press release and avoid expensive advertising as you grow your business.

A full page ad in an industry journal can cost almost $6,000. But there is a way to userepparttar same publications to promote your business free of charge.

Journalists want and need one key thing. NEWS! They’ll gladly write about you or your business provided you know what to feed them and do it inrepparttar 142976 right way.

This is a great way to promote your business FREE.

How can you makerepparttar 142977 most ofrepparttar 142978 media?

Learn how to write a press release and submit it correctly torepparttar 142979 journalists so that it gets read and published.

Remember journalists have an in-satiable appetite for news. So give them news.

News is central to journalism.

What makes news.  Significance – anything which will affect reader’s lives.  Drama – accidents, disease outbreaks, armed actions.  Pop – sex, scandal.  Surprise – anything that surprises.  Proximity – anything dramatic which relates to a person or place.  Scale – job boost, 6,000 new jobs.  Money – lottery winner nets $30million  Elite issues – President, Royalty, Film Stars.  Vogue issues – fashionable persons.  Big guys v Little guys – pensioner defeats government.  Death and destruction – tsunami/earthquake.  Negative – as above.  New – if it’s new it’s news.

How to write news.

 What happened.  How it happened.  Amplify  Tie up loose ends.

Maximizing Your Yellow Page Investment

Written by Lisa Packer

Yellow Page users arerepparttar hottest of all prospects – someone who has maderepparttar 142939 decision to buy, and now is looking for a place to do it. Does your ad convince them that your business is that place?

It doesn’t have to berepparttar 142940 biggest, although that can certainly help. And if you do it right, it won’t even matter if your business is listed first. What matters is that your ad isrepparttar 142941 most persuasive.

“But, Lisa!” you’re saying in your most shocked whisper, “Everybody knows thatrepparttar 142942 first listing in a category getsrepparttar 142943 most response! That’s why so many business names start with ‘A.’”

Well, yeah, if I’m faced with a list of indistinguishable company names, I’ll just go withrepparttar 142944 first one I see. And 99% of all Yellow Page ads seem to haverepparttar 142945 company name as their headline.

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