Avoid, Shun, Thwart, Prevent, and then Filter Spam

Written by Nick Smith

Email is rapidly becomingrepparttar standard means of communication among businesses, associates, and even friends. While many people have now been usingrepparttar 109498 internet and email for years, there are thousands of new users onrepparttar 109499 internet each day. With inexpensive web hosting, free email services, andrepparttar 109500 blog burst upon us, getting your own slice ofrepparttar 109501 internet pie has never been easier.

Whether youíre a seasoned professional looking for a refresher course, or youíre new torepparttar 109502 internet and email and want to start off right, here are some easy steps to follow to reducerepparttar 109503 amount of spam you receive.

Donít choose an obvious email address. Spammers will generate lists of email addresses based on common names. A common list would be something like: nick@yahoo.com, nick1@yahoo.com, nick2@yahoo.com, etc. If you create an email account with less obvious combinations of your name plus some numbers, chances are better that you wonít find your way onto one of these lists.

Treat your personal email address with care. Only give out your personal email address to close friends and family who you trust. Give your direct business email only to clients and other contacts you trust to only use your address for legitimate business purposes.

Use different accounts for different functions. Create different aliases with your businessís domain name or create a few free accounts from free email servers like Hotmail, Yahoo!, Excite, etc. Use one account that you donít care about for posting to forums or discussion groups. Use another to subscribe to newsletters and newsgroups. When any of these addresses starts to get spammed too heavily, simply deleterepparttar 109504 account and switch to a different one.

Remove your email address from your website. Between blogs and cheap web space, it seems everyone has their own piece of cyberspace. Before you put a link to your email address on your site, remember that spammers have bots that harvest these addresses. They will even find addresses printed in plain text. Consider using a web-based form for communication from you website, or place your address as a gif or jpeg.

Email Email and Oh Yeah - Email

Written by Christopher

You can hire a web designer to create a web page newsletter complete with Sales message for your widgets, then all you need to do is send it out to thousands of email addresses, and you can make millions overnight right?

Er, wrong! So, you have this fantastic advertisment, and you have to send it out to every nut with a PC. Yep, well you can do that, but Iíd seriously reconsider that action. For starters this campaign will be untargeted, and most will hitrepparttar delete button as they didnít request it inrepparttar 109497 first place Ė and you arenít going to make any money by annoying anyone.

You really have to be careful when sending out those mails, because one mistake, one tiny little error with your etiquette, and bye bye to any first contact and chance of doing business. You see an inbox is a very personal thing, most keep only 1 box, and this is for both their business correspondence and personal mail. They should get a separate box forrepparttar 109498 spam type stuff Ė then userepparttar 109499 spam address in those silly, naff places inrepparttar 109500 net Ė but they DONíT.

Just place yourself in their shoes for one moment, your sitting there, and suddenly ding dong!!!!! You have 2 ofrepparttar 109501 same email arrive, selling some sexual product you no way on earth asked for, so you delete it and hope it never comes back, but it does.

Itís irritating right. You could reply, but by replying you are giving them your address, then again it may have just been a simple send error by them Ė so you donít unsubscribe after all. I mean whatísrepparttar 109502 harm, itís only 2 emails okayÖÖ

Now multiply that by 20 every week. 40 spam emails every week (and thatís nothing!) that you spend time deleting, blocking and unsubscribing from. Phew!

So whatísrepparttar 109503 answer, increase anti spam laws, go torepparttar 109504 trouble of changing that email address again etc. I donít think there is one,repparttar 109505 net is too big to control something like this. Itís a case of put up with it, and block what you can coming through.

Itís not justrepparttar 109506 junk that fills an inbox. Mistakes have a lot to answer for, but you can stop sending it yourself, and preventing some ofrepparttar 109507 damage being done. We all accidently spam people. What! Yes, we do actually. All you need to do is hold down that send button twice oops, I just sent spam. So be careful when you are tap tap tapping away. But what is spam? No Ė itís not that sickly luncheon meat stuff. Spam is unwanted mail. Er, butrepparttar 109508 word is so overused, mainly as I think people donít bother thinking before they speak, and if theyíve had a bad day or had a lot of recent spam Ė theyíll just label everything as SPAM, itís a frustration thing lol.

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