Automation Makes this a Unique Business Opportunity

Written by Rick Hendershot


It isrepparttar dream of every marketer to find a system that eliminatesrepparttar 146834 most difficult parts of selling: finding prospects, making presentations, and closing sales, while atrepparttar 146835 same time as providing a handsome profit.

Many programs promise to do this, but very few deliver.

The reason is pretty simple: in order to create a marketing system capable of motivating buyers and closing sales you need at least these five components, and very few products and marketing systems have them:

1. A highly professional presentation that walksrepparttar 146836 prospect through from beginning to end.

2. A simple sales process that you can get up and running with a minimum amount of training.

3. Support from experienced people who have already been successful at sellingrepparttar 146837 product.

4. A product that has high perceived value so potential buyers do not balk when it comes to laying down their hard earned cash.

5. A high enough profit margin to give yourepparttar 146838 incentive to work hard and hang in there.

One product that does offer these features isrepparttar 146839 ProfitMasters Program from Wealth For Life.

Is Cold Calling Worth It?

Written by Tino Buntic

It is a fact of life for most new sales people; they getrepparttar dream sales job with unlimited earning potential and expect to earn so much money that they can now enjoyrepparttar 146819 fruits of their coming wealth. Everything seems perfect until they realize that before closing a sale and earningrepparttar 146820 big commission, they must first prospect for new customers (read, cold calls). Cold calling is hard to do. People hate to make cold calls and people hate being onrepparttar 146821 receiving end of them as well.

Prospecting isrepparttar 146822 most difficult part ofrepparttar 146823 sales job. There are many ways to go about it but, for some reason, sales managers preach cold calling asrepparttar 146824 only way for young sales people to generate leads. As someone who has been through it, I wish that these attitudes would change.

I recently read one ofrepparttar 146825 best selling books on cold calling. In this book,repparttar 146826 author stresses persistence. He usesrepparttar 146827 15-3-1 rule. That is, you need to make fifteen cold calls to make three appointments with prospects. Out of these 3 appointments you will close one sale. By being persistent and making fifteen cold calls a day, this will translate to, on average, one sale a day, five sales a week, twenty sales a month, etc. Further,repparttar 146828 author explains that he doesn't mindrepparttar 146829 rejection that he gets when he cold calls. The reason is that since it takes fifteen calls to get an appointment, that means that he will hearrepparttar 146830 word "no" (rejection) fourteen times before he hearsrepparttar 146831 word "yes."

This is simplistic and anybody reading this book may get overexcited and think that this is easy. It's not easy andrepparttar 146832 author's arguments don't hold up in real life selling.

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