Automatic Control of Chords

Written by Ron Worthy



Your success or failure atrepparttar keyboard may well hinge on how quickly and accurately you can memorize a new chord. To be really efficient at this you must use your eyes, your ears, andrepparttar 145291 muscles of your hands. You must learn a chord so that you can recognize and play that chordrepparttar 145292 next day without hesitation. Let me explain how to practice to gain this three-way control.

VISUAL CONTROL - After playing a chord, take your hands offrepparttar 145293 keyboard. Then return torepparttar 145294 chord remembering visually whererepparttar 145295 fingers were positioned. Notice particularlyrepparttar 145296 pattern that was formed byrepparttar 145297 black and white keys andrepparttar 145298 location ofrepparttar 145299 melody and root notes. (No two chords look exactly alike.) Repeat this procedure at least four or five times to learn a chord visually. And, as you are playingrepparttar 145300 chord, say its name OUT LOUD. You must associaterepparttar 145301 name ofrepparttar 145302 chord withrepparttar 145303 actual notes you are playing, ifrepparttar 145304 chord symbol is to have any real meaning later on.

How Open Learning has had a Great Affect on my Life

Written by Elizabeth Hewet

Elizabeth Hewet - English Literature Diploma

When my children started to get torepparttar age that they were spending more time with their friends, and my husband was at work each day, I realised that I had more time on my hands than I needed. It was also around this time that I realised thatrepparttar 145290 literature that I was reading, and by most partrepparttar 145291 literature I could find inrepparttar 145292 local shops pretty much had allrepparttar 145293 same plots. I was getting bored ofrepparttar 145294 novels that tried entertaining with mysteries that weren't so clever, twists in court cases that were easy to work out byrepparttar 145295 second page, and woman telling me that I clearly couldn't fit in if my wardrobe didn't offer at least twenty pairs of worshipped shoes! I wasn't terribly worried about how my body parts looked in my clothes which seems to be a running theme in most novels, as long as I looked tidy and presentable, and I had no use forrepparttar 145296 small romances that always turn out alright inrepparttar 145297 end. I clearly had lost any interest in escaping to these places and wondered if there was something more to look forward to.

I wondered about book shops and always went straight pastrepparttar 145298 'classics' aisles, deciding that they were too difficult for me, and thought that reading one of 'those' books wouldn't be an escape, but difficult. For a long while I leftrepparttar 145299 shops empty handed until I couldn't standrepparttar 145300 newspapers anymore. They certainly were not an escape! I had to do something drastic, and my saviour came inrepparttar 145301 shape of distance learning. I enrolled on an English Literature diploma which is done through open learning and distance learning with Oxford College ODL. I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to do it, and simply picking uprepparttar 145302 course scared me atrepparttar 145303 beginning. I couldn't believe that after so much time away from learning, I could actually grasp something that I had been scared of almost all my life, but I slowly started reading throughrepparttar 145304 material, and writing my first assignment. My tutor was very encouraging, and had I not had her support, I probably would have never believed that I could complete such a diploma, but I have.

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