Autograph Collecting: Questions and Answers

Written by Lon Strickler

Obtaining autographs from celebrities requires patience and a little luck. As well, purchasing autographs online requires knowledge ofrepparttar hobby.

Question: I want to start sending requests to celebrities for autographs, what should I include inrepparttar 140783 letter?

Answer: When writing a letter to a celebrity, it is advisable to write no more than one page. Although celebrities may be thrilled that you appreciate their work, or liked their acting in a certain TV show or movie, they simply do not have enough time to read multi-page letters from fans. Also, when writing to a celebrity, try to include some specific references to their work that you particularly enjoy. Be very specific in your descriptions. Mention character names that they have played and movies in which they have starred or appeared. This makes a much better impression than just simply saying... "I enjoy all your movies. Send me an autograph". Be courteous and respectful. My experience has been that celebrities are truly impressed with kind treatment from their fans and they usually reward it.

Question: I’m a beginner when it comes to autograph collecting. What type of autographs should I purchase?

Answer: Buy autographs that capture your interest. Don’t purchase items presented as “investments” or sold through pressure. Learn as much as possiblerepparttar 140784 language of autograph collecting. The more you study,repparttar 140785 easier it will be for you to determine what items are authentic and which items to purchase. Use common sense when buying a signed piece. Ifrepparttar 140786 price is too good to be true, it probably is. Purchase autographed items from reputable dealers, who will help you avoid risks and problems. Most dealers offer a certificate of authenticity, which is only as good asrepparttar 140787 reputation ofrepparttar 140788 dealer. Ifrepparttar 140789 dealer cannot tell you when and whererepparttar 140790 item was signed or how it was obtained, go elsewhere.

Question: How do you determinerepparttar 140791 price or value of your autographs?

Answer: Several factors go into determiningrepparttar 140792 price of an autographed item. The content ofrepparttar 140793 photo (is this person known for his/her role shown in photo) and how difficult it is to obtainrepparttar 140794 autograph. Condition and market are also factors considered in pricing. Demand also has to be considered, especially ifrepparttar 140795 celebrity has become more popular andrepparttar 140796 demand has increased suddenly. Examples recently include celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Hilary Duff, Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom and Bruce Springsteen. Each has either had a very successful film, tour or CD. Here is a breakdown for determining value.

Slow Shutter Speeds and Long Exposure Photography

Written by Rick Blythe

Many new cameras will come with built-in shutter speeds of up to 30 seconds or longer, which is enough for most long-exposure photography. Other cameras will have a B (bulb) setting that will keeprepparttar shutter open as long as you keep your finger onrepparttar 140743 shutter release button or a T (time) exposure setting that will keeprepparttar 140744 shutter open until you pressrepparttar 140745 shutter release button a second time. Cameras with bulb settings can also be fitted with a locking cable release so that it isn't necessary to keep your finger onrepparttar 140746 shutter for long exposures. If your camera doesn't have a cable release, you can userepparttar 140747 self-timer option found on most cameras. This will eliminate camera vibration from your hands.

A tripod, or something to rest your camera on, is essential becauserepparttar 140748 camera must be completely still duringrepparttar 140749 time thatrepparttar 140750 shutter is open. If you want to make a fast-moving car blur as it speeds by you, a relatively fast shutter speed of 1/20 of a second may give yourepparttar 140751 results you are after, however, if you want to make stars inrepparttar 140752 nighttime sky look like glowing rings asrepparttar 140753 earth rotates, your exposure may last all night.

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