Auto Tools For The DIY'er

Written by Kevin Schappell

If you are a car owner who occasionally works on his or her own car, please don't go out and spend thousands of dollars on high priced tools. Professional mechanics make a living with their tools and needrepparttar best. If you are doing minor repairs on your own vehicles a lower cost tool set will do just fine. We have teamed up with to bring yourepparttar 102751 best price on tools forrepparttar 102752 DIYer. Keep in mind you can find most of these tools at your local parts store, but probably not at these prices. Let's look atrepparttar 102753 basics you will need for most common jobs. The oil change: Lifting tools: To gain access torepparttar 102754 oil pan you need to getrepparttar 102755 front wheels off ofrepparttar 102756 ground safely. Never leaverepparttar 102757 car supported only by a jack. A good set of jack stands or ramps arerepparttar 102758 safest way to go. Also don't forget to chock uprepparttar 102759 rear wheels to keeprepparttar 102760 car from sliding back. Even though you may haverepparttar 102761 emergency brake set, they can fail. Oil filter wrench: Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get an oil filter off withoutrepparttar 102762 right wrench. I have gone torepparttar 102763 extent of poking a screwdriver throughrepparttar 102764 filter to spin it off..... this is notrepparttar 102765 cleanest way to change an oil filter. Funnel: You have to getrepparttar 102766 new oil intorepparttar 102767 engine, andrepparttar 102768 less you spill,repparttar 102769 less will burn off later while driving. Any funnel will do, but look for one with a long flexible neck, which will help getting into those tight places. The brake job:

Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)

Written by Kevin Schappell

Smart home mechanics use allrepparttar information available to diagnose problems with their vehicle. Below you will findrepparttar 102750 two most valuable sources of data available today. Most people know nothing about TSBs, but they should. Both of these excellent resources are available online from websites like Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs): TSBs are issued by vehicle manufacturers to help automotive technicians diagnose and repair problems reported by consumers and repair shops. It's amazing how many fixes are found in these bulletins that can't be found anywhere else. Car manufacturers issue thousands of bulletins every year. TSBs contain up-to-date factory fixes for difficult to diagnose problems such as rough idles, intermittent stalls, hard starts, and all kinds of "shakes", "rattles" and "clunks" that can sometimes drive you nuts. TSBs describe service procedures that may improve performance, reduce future breakdowns, or show a factory authorized modification for your vehicle.

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