Auto Lemon Laws – Do you need a lawyer?

Written by Charles Essmeier

Buying a new automobile is usually a bid decision for most people, and it involves a lot of time, research and most of all, money. If you are going to be paying for something for five years or more, you will generally take your time, do your research, and make sure that you are spending your money wisely on a vehicle that will last for years. Unfortunately, some new cars, like all manufactured products, do not perform as they should and are defective in some way. For reasons lost to antiquity, defective cars are known as “lemons.”

California becamerepparttar first state to enact legislation that provided recourse to purchasers of defective vehicles in 1982; since then, every state has enacted similar legislation. Consumers all overrepparttar 136541 country may now seek either a replacement vehicle or a refund should they find themselvesrepparttar 136542 owner of a defective automobile.Even though legislation exists to protect you if you should find yourselfrepparttar 136543 owner of a lemon, most people are not familiar with their state’s lemon law. Is it necessary to file a lawsuit? Do you need a lawyer? Can you go throughrepparttar 136544 process yourself?

While lemon laws vary from state to state, you can generally file a lemon law claim yourself. The process usually involves writing letters torepparttar 136545 manufacturer that state your problem and filing a claim with your state’s Attorney General’s office. You must also submit your vehicle for repair ofrepparttar 136546 problem; each state requires thatrepparttar 136547 manufacturer have a “reasonable” opportunity to repair your vehicle.

More than 3 Million Units Sold for 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee in North America

Written by Jenny McLane

"The first Jeep Grand Cherokee createdrepparttar luxury sport-utility market," said Jeff Bell, Vice President-Jeep aboutrepparttar 136107 best-selling SUV from Jeep. "Since then, many very strong competitors have intensifiedrepparttar 136108 full-size SUV market. Yet, none have matched Grand Cherokee's combination of legendary Jeep 4x4 capability, on-road refinement, technological innovations and safety features."

These arerepparttar 136109 words of Jeep's Vice President as it hits more than 3 million in sales since its debut in 1992. From then on, there is no turning back; Jeep Grand Cherokee lived up to its name with a level of comfort, ride and handling previously missing in most sport-utility vehicle, and wasrepparttar 136110 pioneer for introducing a driver's side air bag to an SUV.

Jeep Grand Cherokee sales in March 2005 were 18,828 units, pushing sales to 3,013,296 units since it was inrepparttar 136111 market in 1992. The 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee isrepparttar 136112 best amongrepparttar 136113 pack. Its best features are three new full-time four-wheel drive systems, two new transfer cases, all-new independent and front suspension, rack and pinion steering, and an all-new five-speed transmission.

The 2005 Grand Cherokee wasrepparttar 136114 first Jeep vehicle available withrepparttar 136115 5.7-liter HEMI(R) V-8 andrepparttar 136116 Multi-Displacement System. MDS imperceptibly deactivates four cylinders whenrepparttar 136117 V-8 is not at work.

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