Auto Lemon –Can Your State's Lemon Law Help You?

Written by Charles Essmeier

Buying a car is not like buying a radio; you cannot return it torepparttar store for a refund if you do not like it, or if it has a manufacturing defect. In fact, for many years, if you purchased an automobile that came fromrepparttar 135527 factory with defects, you were just stuck. You could try to getrepparttar 135528 dealer to repairrepparttar 135529 problem, but ifrepparttar 135530 problem continued andrepparttar 135531 dealer could not repair it, you were out of luck.

In 1982,repparttar 135532 luck of owners of so-called “lemons” changed forrepparttar 135533 better, as California and Connecticut passedrepparttar 135534 nation’s first “lemon laws.”

These laws, spawned by consumers who had waged tireless battles against major auto companies, allowed owners of defective automobiles to seek compensation or replacement withrepparttar 135535 help of their respective states. These laws swept like wildfire throughoutrepparttar 135536 country, and now all 50 states have some form ofrepparttar 135537 lemon law.

The specifics ofrepparttar 135538 lemon laws will vary from state to state, but in general, they define a “lemon” as a vehicle that:

  • Has a “nonconformity” that affectsrepparttar 135539 safety, use, or value ofrepparttar 135540 vehicle, and
  • The nonconformity has not been successfully repaired after a “reasonable” number of attempts, and/or
  • The vehicle has been out of service for a total of a certain number of days for repair ofrepparttar 135541 nonconformity.

  • The length ofrepparttar 135542 warranty period also varies; coverage typically runs anywhere from one year or 12,000 miles to two years or 24,000 miles. As previously stated,repparttar 135543 specifics vary from state to state, particularlyrepparttar 135544 number of repair attempts that constitute “reasonable” andrepparttar 135545 number of days thatrepparttar 135546 vehicle must be out of service in order to qualify. In some states, repairs that affectrepparttar 135547 brakes or other safety equipment need only one repair attempt to qualify as “reasonable.”

    Restitution is fairly consistent from state to state; it usually requiresrepparttar 135548 manufacturer to either replacerepparttar 135549 vehicle with one of comparable value, or refundrepparttar 135550 purchase price, along with taxes, registration and delivery fees. Some states leaverepparttar 135551 option of replacement or refund torepparttar 135552 manufacturer, but most giverepparttar 135553 option torepparttar 135554 consumer.

    What should you do if you think you have a lemon? You should:

    Ford Moves Aggressively For Mainstream Navigation System

    Written by Jenny McLane

    Ford now looks atrepparttar latest trend for auto manufacturers of putting navigation system on mainstream cars even as an option.

    Amongrepparttar 135470 six Ford 2006 Ford Motor vehicles to offer navigation systems arerepparttar 135471 2006 Lincoln Zephyr and Mercury Mountaineer whilerepparttar 135472 other four nameplates are said to berepparttar 135473 Ford Explorer and Explorer Sport Trac SUVs, Five Hundred sedan and Freestyle sport wagon.

    The idea of popularizing car navigation system on mass produced Ford cars is an attractive feature for most car enthusiasts. Common only inrepparttar 135474 luxury segment such asrepparttar 135475 Lincoln Navigator, on whichrepparttar 135476 option costs around $3,000 onrepparttar 135477 4x4 Ultimate editions,repparttar 135478 car navigation system will soon be more affordable as foreseen by Ford.

    This is an aggressive step by Ford to be competitive and swayrepparttar 135479 family sedan market into its turf. Mainstream vehicles will soon find car navigation system on its option list as hand held global positioning phones andrepparttar 135480 concept of beaming satellite map data intorepparttar 135481 vehicles are also being considered by auto makers.

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