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Written by Ian Bruce

Every web site needs hosting. But what isrepparttar point in having a great looking website, ifrepparttar 134322 site is down allrepparttar 134323 time?

Many hosts have an unexceptable amount of downtime (the hours your web site is offline) So you need a robust, reliable, always online hosting package, that wont breakrepparttar 134324 bank.

Blue Square Media has tailored our hosting plans to suitrepparttar 134325 most comman requirements.

Please browserepparttar 134326 following plans to see which best suits your web site requirments.

Purchase 12 months prepaid Silver Hosting for ONLY $299 a year. (Saving of over 15%)

Bronze Level Website Hosting

Perfect for an initial small web site presence, or a personal website.

A very simple, affordable web hosting option.

MONTHLY FEE $19.95AUD Enquire about BRONZE Hosting today.

Silver Level Website Hosting

Does my Business Need a Website?

Written by Kenneth L. Cluck III

Does my business need a website? Thatís a question many people ask. Well, you see allrepparttar time when businesses tell you go to some URL (web address) to find more information, to order products, or to purchase services. That is a question that business owners everywhere should ask themselves. The next question is ďHow do I do this?Ē Well, it may not be as hard or expensive as you may think.

When someone learns about your business they look at contact information a lot more than you may think. You own a professional business and your customers expect you to be professional. Even if you donít generate revenue from going online, itís still a very good idea. Also, itís very easy to distribute information such as common questions, contact information, and product information. You donít have to continuously handle potential customers while they still find outrepparttar 134321 information they desire. It only costs $50 to $100 a year to own and run a website, this may even save you money on having to talk to customers and save you a lot of time.

Some web hosts (services that hold your website forrepparttar 134322 public to see) offer special tools to easily make a website. While also, most word processing software comes with tools to easily design and build your website. So you donít even need to know how to build a website. For a list of web hosting services you can look at many web host directories, one place I suggest looking at to find your web host because they offer more options to help you with your searches, such as being able to list web hosts that offer website builders.

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