Aura FAQs

Written by Janet Ilacqua


Here are some frequently asked questions about reading auras. I am not seeing any auras There are several reasons why you are not seeing auras. Here are some of them: You have not prepared yourself properly. You are not in tune withrepparttar other personís energy. Some people's auras are harder to read than others are. In this case, make an extra effort and keep in mind that you may not be able to read everyone's energy. You are either sick, tired, or under stress. At this point, you should postpone reading until you are better. The person that you are reading is sick, tired, or depressed. When people are sick or depressed, their auras get smaller and less vibrant; hence, they are hard to read. Aura reading is easier for some people than others. You may need to take a class or buy special equipment, such as aura glasses. In addition, regular attendance at a meditation group where you can learn to focus your attention and read other's energies is useful.

I am not seeing any colors in auras It takes a lot of time and practice to see colors in auras. Sometimes,repparttar 122270 colors are very muddy and hard to distinguish. Not all auras have colors. The best thing to do is to keep practicing. Eventually, you will see colors.

What do I do to protect myself against negative energy? If you meet negative energy while doing readings, you need to protect yourself psychically. To do this, imagine your whole body surrounded by white light.

I am seeing entities and energy other than aura

The spiritual realm, on which auras exist, is filled with all sorts of entities, ranging from loving and positive (such as angels) to annoying or even dangerous. Here are some types of entities that you may be encountering: Spirit guides and guardians attached torepparttar 122271 person you are reading. Thought forms or psychic imprints. Thought forms can be negative or positive and usually produced by intense brooding. Oftentimes, they maybe indication of physical illness, depression, or mental illness. Many times, they are attached torepparttar 122272 individual that you are reading.

Barriers to Prosperity

Written by Janet K. Ilacqua

An odd but frequent barrier to prosperity isrepparttar belief that we'rerepparttar 122269 "wrong type" to live an abundant life. This comes down to a whole attitude about ourselves which places us as a "misfit". This is quite usual among those who are on a Spiritual Path. I had this barrier at one time, and have discovered that it's completely irrelevant. Eccentric millionares are wonderful examples of personal uniqueness being no barrier to prosperity. There are stories ofrepparttar 122270 "wildcat" oilmen earlier this century in Texas who wererepparttar 122271 ultimate nonconformists. They made a mint! Unfortunately, one can encounter onrepparttar 122272 way up those who would want you to feel minimized by your uniqueness. These are rarelyrepparttar 122273 ones with any true power (although they would dearly love for you to believe that they did). Depending on my mood, I treat them with compassion for their envy or simply ignore them.

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