Audible Books: The Evolution of Story Telling

Written by Jesse S. Somer

Inrepparttar days of old, stories were usually told orally from a tribal storyteller or one ofrepparttar 138594 wise elders or chiefs. The next progression in storytelling came withrepparttar 138595 first hieroglyphics and visual representations of actual and mythical events. After that camerepparttar 138596 evolution of written languages and alphabets, eventually culminating inrepparttar 138597 printing press that appeared only a few hundred years ago. Books have becomerepparttar 138598 main medium for people to tell both tales of fiction and reality and they literally (no pun intended) have taken overrepparttar 138599 world. Millions and millions of books have been written, read, stuck in huge libraries, worshipped, banned, censored, and even burnt because of their perceived potential and powerful effects on societies. The previous century sawrepparttar 138600 advent of film that brought 'life' to many books and subsequently have become one ofrepparttar 138601 most popular forms of entertainment in our world. Now however, withrepparttar 138602 Information Age have come E books, and a very exciting new arrival: audible books. Audible books have ensured that books will still be one ofrepparttar 138603 main storytelling mediums for generations to come.

The Internet has brought so many new ways for us to communicate with each other, but here I will focus mainly onrepparttar 138604 area of literature. If you aren't good at typing, or have some kind of illness that prevents bodily movement, there are now voice recognition software packages that turn your voice into words onrepparttar 138605 monitor and thusrepparttar 138606 sheet of paper. Onrepparttar 138607 other hand, there is now technology that uses voice synthesis to convert text into spoken audio for audio books.

Recently I went on a trip by car with my parents forrepparttar 138608 first time in many years as I hadrepparttar 138609 opportunity to get to visit my girlfriend as she lives inrepparttar 138610 same city as they were visiting. The reason why I haven't travelled with them for so long is that our personalities often clash and in a confined space over a length of time it can become unbearable for all those involved. I was still a little dubious ofrepparttar 138611 trip ahead but my Dad said that he had an audible book that we could listen to onrepparttar 138612 way through his Apple Ipod. He has a connection called Itrip that you connect fromrepparttar 138613 music device torepparttar 138614 cigarette lighter and thenrepparttar 138615 book is heard through any unused radio frequency. This particular story was meant to be a science fiction novel called 'Ender's Game' by Orson Scott Card. I hadn't read Sci-Fi in a long time so I wasn't really looking forward to it, but my Dad assured me that his friend had told him that it was very good.

Video Poker - Best Strategy

Written by Tom McBroom

The table below gives a basic drawing strategy for a Jacks or Better machine (the best kind). There is a perfect draw for every possible combination of cards dealt to you, but that strategy is far too complicated for this article and forrepparttar casual player.

This basic drawing strategy only give up a few tenths of a percent over a perfect strategy and is fast and easy to learn.

Hold any cards that form a winning combination. The only exception is if you are dealt four cards to a royal flush - always hold those four and try forrepparttar 138593 royal.

If you aren't dealt a paying hand, look atrepparttar 138594 list below and, in descending order, select repparttar 138595 first combination of cards that applies torepparttar 138596 hand you are dealt, keep them, and draw forrepparttar 138597 remaining cards.

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