Audi 6, Named As the World Car of the Year, Offers World Class Parts at Partstrain

Written by Jenny McLane

Amongrepparttar list of thirty six new vehicles out ofrepparttar 139504 market before January 1, 2005 for at least five countries, on at least two continents,repparttar 139505 Audi 6 was named asrepparttar 139506 World Car ofrepparttar 139507 Year for 2005. This was held duringrepparttar 139508 media preview forrepparttar 139509 Canadian International Auto Show held last February 16, 2005 in Toronto. The decision came out fromrepparttar 139510 forty eight international automobile journalists representing sixteen countries that acted asrepparttar 139511 jury. They use twenty separate parameters including acceleration, braking, vehicle dynamics, safety features, cargo, and off road capabilities. They then selectedrepparttar 139512 top 10 vehicles forrepparttar 139513 final round of voting.

The final selection was rated on five key areas of importance to costumers: merit, value, safety and environmental responsibility, significance, and wow factor! -repparttar 139514 car's emotional appeal. The secret ballots were then collected and tabulated by KPMG, an international accounting firm. The World Car ofrepparttar 139515 Year programme is administered as a non-profit corporation with a Steering Committee of six journalists who oversee and monitorrepparttar 139516 integrity ofrepparttar 139517 voting process. The Audi 6 surpassesrepparttar 139518 Volvo S40-V50 and Porsche 911 in a close race to be declared asrepparttar 139519 World Car ofrepparttar 139520 Year. "The concept of national borders is now almost non-existent in terms of where vehicles and their components are designed, engineered, developed, and built ... or where they are sold," said British automotive journalist, Graham Johnson, who is also a co-chair ofrepparttar 139521 award program. "Consideringrepparttar 139522 ever-increasing globalization ofrepparttar 139523 automotive industry," he added, "the concept of a World Car ofrepparttar 139524 Year award program was inevitable ... it is truly an idea whose time has come."

Mitsubishi’s Fourth Generation Sports Coupe, the 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, Shares its Brightness as Partstrain Offers Parts

Written by Jenny McLane

First released 15 years ago,repparttar Mitsubishi Eclipse has beenrepparttar 139503 franchise model ofrepparttar 139504 Mitsubishi but has not always generated enough sales. The previews generation “geo-mechanical” styling receives less attention as compared to other coupe in its class. Today, all hopes to takerepparttar 139505 dominance of Mitsubishi in sports compact coupe division withrepparttar 139506 launch ofrepparttar 139507 all-new 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse are anticipated. Now in its fourth generation,repparttar 139508 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse rides ofrepparttar 139509 Galant chassis platform in a coupe version. Set to hitrepparttar 139510 road in late spring this year,repparttar 139511 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse will be available in two trims and two new powertrain.

The new Eclipse feature a state ofrepparttar 139512 art design, very unique to other vehicle of its kind. The exterior profile ofrepparttar 139513 Eclipse presents a lot o tension inherent onrepparttar 139514 surface. “The designers who was developing it spoke a lot about a bow (like a bow and arrow… so even thoughtrepparttar 139515 car is standing still, it feels like it is just about to spring,” said Dan Sims,repparttar 139516 General Manager for Design Center. Another good this aboutrepparttar 139517 design isrepparttar 139518 “teardrop-shape”repparttar 139519 Eclipse posses. The body starts wide movingrepparttar 139520 hip-like rear. The lean and mean exterior feature ofrepparttar 139521 eclipse personifiesrepparttar 139522 sporty, athletic, and well-crafted vehicle.

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