Attracting Extra Web Hosting Customers By Targeting Cities, i.e. New York Web Hosting

Written by Rodney Ringler

Web hosting companies are constantly onrepparttar lookout to find new ways to attract visitors to their websites. One avenue that many web hosts miss is targeting visitors who are searching for web hosting by city, such as New York Web Hosting, by state, such as California Web Hosting, or by country, such as Canada Web Hosting. These 3 pages show examples of pages that review and provide information on web hosting companies in those cities.

These searchers are looking for a hosting company in a particular city, state, or country, but givenrepparttar 150306 proper message they can often be convinced to try your hosting company. Afterall, givenrepparttar 150307 nature ofrepparttar 150308 web hosting industry,repparttar 150309 actual location of your web hosts is not that important. The datacenter they use andrepparttar 150310 support team are reallyrepparttar 150311 2 most important items.

The next question is how to target these searchers and turn them into visitors to your website. Like any good search engine advice….Content, Content, Conent. The thing to remember is that every page of good content will be found by search engines, not just your homepage. Add a page to your website that

Web Content: How Much Should I Pay?

Written by Joel Walsh

How much should you pay for web content? It depends on what you can expect to get back on your investment. Find out how a web content writer can increase your site's revenue 20% or more.

When web content gets discussed on webmaster bulletin boards,repparttar 150309 most common question is, "how much should I pay?" That question is both perfectly logical, and perfectly stupid:

  • Logical, becauserepparttar 150310 biggest expense of any website, withrepparttar 150311 possible exceptions of advertising and promotion, isrepparttar 150312 content. You only have to get web development and design once, but content needs to be added regularly for your site to be successful.
  • Stupid, becauserepparttar 150313 real question isn't how much you are going to pay, but how much you are going to invest. Your content, if it's done right, will make you money. In fact, it can easily make back its cost within a month. Sorepparttar 150314 real question you should ask a web content provider is: how much will it make me?

Calculating Your Web Content's Value

Ultimately, your web content isrepparttar 150315 one part of your site that makes you money. The code, design, and even traffic, while important, are not what ultimately get a visitor to take action. You have to tell or ask visitors to take action. Telling and asking take words.

Small changes in your web content can make big differences inrepparttar 150316 bottom line. Take a look:

Advertising/affiliate revenue

Let's say you have a web page that averages $25/day in revenue from advertising and/or affiliate links. You have a professional writer optimizerepparttar 150317 content onrepparttar 150318 page to get more clicks. Watch what happens:

  1. If just 20% more visitors click on affiliate or advertising links, your revenue will increase $5/day, $150/month, and $1825/year. If your page maintains its current level of traffic for three more years, that's a $5475 increase, just for that one page.
  2. But it gets better:repparttar 150319 improvements torepparttar 150320 page will easily increase traffic by 20%, as more visitors return, more visitors refer your site to friends, and more webmasters, bloggers and others link to your site. That brings a total of $6570 more revenue from that page over three years.
  3. If you getrepparttar 150321 same results with 50 pages with similar traffic levels, that's an increase of $328500. Now multiply that by however many sites you or your company owns. Can you say, "early retirement"?

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