Attract eBay Buyers Like CRAZY !

Written by Thomas Haselhorst

As an ebay(TM) seller it happens very often (too often) that listings close without any bids. Did this happen to you ? Many sellers are frustrated and quit their eBay(TM) business. Have you realised that these fees from unsold items can sum up quickly. We asked ourself: "What arerepparttar reasons for so many items not being sold on eBay(TM)?"

We did some research on compared many listings on eBay and to see which sites getrepparttar 141109 most hits. Of courserepparttar 141110 item itself plays an important role. But we have also found that many ebay(TM) sellers try to sell their items with very unprofessional auction listings. There is just some plain black text with white background. Arrrgh!!! We have seen it many times. The answer is simple. Many listings are closing without any bids because they have a lousy design. But auction sites with a professional design are more likely to receive bids. A recent online study has shown that attractive and professional designed internet sites convert better than badly designed sites. It's basicallyrepparttar 141111 same thing with eBay listings. If it is not in harmony with your eye, people click to another item. Remember, that they are on overage seeing your site for 10-20 seconds. If they like it, they may read it. If not, they'll leave.

But many eBay(TM) sellers don't know any thing about designing professional listings. Until now, these sellers had onlyrepparttar 141112 choice of hiring expensive third party auction services or to buy costly auction listing software.

Rapid Knowledge Development for Businesses

Written by Sanjib Ahmad

When there is little time to go torepparttar local public library or shop around for a good business book, e-books onrepparttar 140922 Internet may berepparttar 140923 best solution. If you are looking for specialized information, e-books may berepparttar 140924 "only" solution.

E-books are viable and cost-effective. They can be quickly located using a search engine. Bought and downloaded anytime and anywhere. The "critical path" towards knowledge acquisition is fast and effective. You can rapidly develop your business knowledge base on several subjects like leadership, management, planning, promotion, finance and more.

Imagine that you suddenly realize you have to prepare for an important business meeting tomorrow and give a presentation on change management. You can quickly log on torepparttar 140925 Internet and find some very good e-books onrepparttar 140926 topic. You can downloadrepparttar 140927 e-book immediately and start reading.

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