Attract birds to your yard with Bird Feeders

Written by Johann Erickson

Bird feeders are a great way to add some visual interest to your yard or patio. Not only do bird feeders add color and a finishing touch to your outdoor decor, but they are a source of relaxing entertainment as well.

There are bird feeders available in every style, from elegant to country, from natural to whimsical. A bird feeder is a simple way to set a mood in your yard or to complement an ongoing theme. The variety of bird feeders available is nearly endless.

To decide which style of bird feeder is right for you, first consider what type of birds you want to attract, and then what style would complement your yard or patio. For a formal garden you may want to choose a simple but elegant copper design, but for a country garden you may want a whimsical design with bright colors.

There are also several attractive

Turning yard waste into gold.

Written by Steve Enlow

Turning yard waste into gold.

Organic Composting

What is Compost?

Composting isrepparttar transformation of organic material through decomposition into a soil-like material called compost. Insects, earthworms, and bacteria help in transformingrepparttar 116201 material into humus. Composting is a natural form of recycling, which continually occurs in nature.

A compost pile is actually a fast-track method of changing crude organic materials into something resembling soil, called humus. Compost making is a simple process. Done properly it becomes a natural part of your gardening or yard maintenance activities, as much so as mowingrepparttar 116202 lawn. Making compost does not have to take any more effort than bagging up yard waste.

Composting is not a mysterious or complicated process. Natural recycling (composting) occurs on a continuous basis in our environment. Organic matter is broken down by microorganisms and consumed by invertebrates. The resulting nutrients are returned torepparttar 116203 soil to support plant growth.

Composting Basics

Keys to successful home composting.

Organic materials: A good mix consists of three parts "browns" (materials such as dead leaves that are high in carbon) and one part "greens" (such as fresh grass clippings and garden prunings that are high in nitrogen).

Moisture: Composting materials should feel moist but not overly soggy.

Temperature: Compost should feel warm torepparttar 116204 touch except inrepparttar 116205 cold winter months.

Air: To prevent unpleasant odors that can occur when materials decompose without oxygen, compost should be turned regularly to ensure that air is reachingrepparttar 116206 center ofrepparttar 116207 pile.

What Do You Need to Home Compost?

All you need to compost is enthusiasm, yard or food waste (except meat or dairy products), and some space. Compost piles don't need to be enclosed, although many people use a bin or similar enclosure.

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