"Attitudinal Isometrics (TM)...A Workout For Building Strength of Character"

Written by Rev. Dr. John Lutwyche-Clements

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"Attitudinal Isometrics (TM)... A Workout For Building Strength of Character"

- by Rev. Dr. John Lutwyche-Clements

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Fromrepparttar 138939 early nineteen thirties torepparttar 138940 mid-sixties, a significant fraction of magazines inrepparttar 138941 English-speaking world ran a series of linked ads. They all showedrepparttar 138942 wasp-waisted, wide-shouldered, bulging-biceped, swimtrunk- wearing Charles Atlas standing in various poses and claiming: "I can make a new man of you in 7 days!" Thousands of men responded torepparttar 138943 ads. Most ended up disappointed - not withrepparttar 138944 exercise system they received, but with their own failure to persevere beyondrepparttar 138945 initial seven-day period! Presumably, they had never readrepparttar 138946 words of Dr Samuel Johnson: "Great works are performed, not by strength, but perseverance".

Got a dream to fulfil? Got a problem to solve? Got a corporate entity to build up? Then I've got an exercise system to help you! I call it Attitudinal Isometrics. Schematically, it looks like this:


It is not, however, a magic formula. Some who try it will end up disappointed - not because it doesn't work, but because they won't work at it!

All exercise systems involve movement. Attitudinal Isometrics involves mental movement, and can be analyzed into four basic dynamics:

from --> negativity... to --> positivity from --> reactivity... to --> proactivity from --> self-interest... to --> public service from --> inconsistency... to --> constancy

Practised regularly, Attitudinal Isometrics promotes strength of character. And without that, we can't really expect to succeed at anything, can we?

1. WILDE WISDOM The first exercise inrepparttar 138947 Attitudinal Isometrics gymnasium isrepparttar 138948 movement from negativity to positivity. Oscar Wilde had a first-rate piece of advice forrepparttar 138949 negativist: "Get up and out, young man -repparttar 138950 day is bursting with moments!"

A moment is an infinitely short window of time - yet it'srepparttar 138951 only window open to us! Positive action can occur only inrepparttar 138952 present moment (rather than inrepparttar 138953 irredeemable past or unknowable future). Therefore,repparttar 138954 time for sowingrepparttar 138955 seeds of achievement is now. A microsecond's delay equals a harvest of opportunities lost!

Of course, a positive attitude doesn't guarantee success; but it does keep our eyes, ears, mind and body focused onrepparttar 138956 goal. Future outcomes won't just happen - we have to get up and out, and interceptrepparttar 138957 fruitful moments thatrepparttar 138958 day is bursting with!

2. PROACTIVITY VERSUS PROZAC The second Attitudinal Isometrics exercise isrepparttar 138959 movement from reactivity to proactivity. Supposing you have an unpleasant task to complete, and don't quite know how to start. What's your usual procedure? Do you picturerepparttar 138960 finished results and throw yourself intorepparttar 138961 task? Or do you picture allrepparttar 138962 possible problems and throw yourself into a depression? "Well,repparttar 138963 truth is, Dr John," I hear you say, "some tasks just seem futile - especially when I'm not sure whether I'll succeed or not." - Oh, really? Let me ask you this, then: Why should your level of proactivity be dependent on your skill in predictingrepparttar 138964 future?

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