Attitude is Everything

Written by Mike Moore


If we arerepparttar products of our attitudes then it is important for us to examine our attitudes, both positive and negative, to discoverrepparttar 124062 impact they are having on our lives. This is even more important if we are determined to maximizerepparttar 124063 potential that is ours, a potential which, inrepparttar 124064 vast majority of us, remains grossly underdeveloped.

Positive attitudes release a power to achieve that will astound you, while negative attitudes severely hamper our becomingrepparttar 124065 people we are capable of becoming. It becomerepparttar 124066 central task of anyone interested in actualizing their enormous potential to become involved inrepparttar 124067 process of attitudinal transformation.

Attitudinal transformation takes time, effort and determination but it can be done. Don't expect perfection, just progress. It took a long time to develop negative attitudes and it will take time to transform them. It is also important not to concentrate on more than one or two negative attitudes at once. If you overload your agenda for change you runrepparttar 124068 risk of becoming discouraged and giving up.

Once you have identifiedrepparttar 124069 negative attitude you wish to transform, commit yourself torepparttar 124070 process of becoming conscious of that attitude cropping up throughoutrepparttar 124071 day. You will be surprised at how quickly you will become aware of your target attitude. When you are focussed onrepparttar 124072 attitude, visualize it leaving your body and flying off intorepparttar 124073 great beyond. Now replace it with a positive attitude and give yourselfrepparttar 124074 suggestion that from now on this will be your dominant thought pattern. Whenever your old negative attitude creeps back into your mind engage this process of thought replacement. Soonrepparttar 124075 new attitude will become dominant and you will find yourself enjoying its positive power in your life.

Donít Let Negative Programming Create Your Reality

Written by Anita Foley

What have you been programmed to believe? Throughout your life, you have been programmed by your parents, your friends, your siblings, and yourself. Programming occurs as a result of repeated actions or messages. This programming creates your beliefs, your beliefs guide your actions, and your actions create your reality. Positive programming results in optimistic beliefs and gratifying realities. For instance, if you were programmed, when you were six years old, to thinkrepparttar tooth fairy would give you a quarter for your tooth, you probably believed it. The result of this belief was most likely a gratifying experience. You were programmed by your parents, friends, or siblings to think there was a tooth fairy and you believed it. This belief guided your actions and you put your tooth underrepparttar 124061 pillow. This action createdrepparttar 124062 gratifying reality, (i.e., you got your quarter!) Unfortunately, not all programming results in beliefs as benevolent asrepparttar 124063 tooth fairy. Negative programming results in detrimental beliefs and disappointing realities. If you were programmed by your parents, friends, or siblings to think it is too risky to start your own business, you probably believe it. This belief guides your actions and you stay at your job. This action creates your disappointing reality, (i.e., you get a limited paycheck and give half of it to Uncle Sam.)

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