Attention Pet Lovers

Written by Dawn Jenness

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Why Mastery Equals Profits

Written by Paul Polanco

By Paul Polanco

Dawn contacted me about 8 months ago; frantic about her failing network marketing business. She came to me as a referral from another networker who asked me if I could help her out.

Her main complaint?

In her own words: "I've put $4,000 into this business overrepparttar past 2 years, and I have NOTHING to show for it."

She was clearly frustrated.

I then asked her where that $4,000 was spent on. "Oh my, I spent it on websites, advertising, long distance phone calls, audio tapes, and more."

After further probing, I found out that she thought that listening to training tapes and participating in her group's conference calls were a "waste of time." As she put it.

"I already KNOW all that stuff," she said, quite adamantly.

I advised her that *knowing* and *doing* were two completely different things. She knew what she had to do, but she wasn't doing it. When I consult with people, I don't hold back. That's what they pay me for.

I worked with Dawn for a few months, but she rarely followed my advice. She has since stop responding to my phone calls and emails. Her business came to complete halt.

If you are not seeing any growth in your business, it's time to be brutally honest with yourself. It's time to ask yourselfrepparttar 122555 following questions:

1. Do you have a *duplicable* system in place to build your business? One that anyone withrepparttar 122556 right desire can follow?

2. Do you *consistently* set X amount of hours every week to work your business?

3. Are you *actively* and *consistently* prospecting?

4. Are you participating or listening to at least 2 hours of training every week?

5. Do you use your upline / downline / anyline as a resource to help you?

6. Do you have a continual stream of prospects going through some kind of marketing funnel?

If Dawn had simply takenrepparttar 122557 time to *master*repparttar 122558 fundamentals she'd be in a much better position today. I see it allrepparttar 122559 time.

If you're not growing your business then my experience tells me you haven't masteredrepparttar 122560 fundamentals.

While there are dozens of fundamentals that need to be mastered, there are 4 *key* areas that are of paramount importance:

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