Attention Pastors Wives!

Written by Kathy Pedeaux

A T T E N T I O N P A S T O R S W I V E S!

"No More Bags"

by Kathy Pedeaux

Wouldn't you agree that life is too short to live with bags over our heads? Pastor's wives and women in full-time ministry have for too long been deceived into thinking that they must perform roles that have been dictated by church politics, and stereotyping ofrepparttar functions ofrepparttar 147038 Pastor's wife. This is when we feel like putting a bag over our heads, pretend to be someone else or just to hide from people and responsibilities that were never meant to be ours. It is destructive forrepparttar 147039 church as well asrepparttar 147040 precious women that fall into this trap. It is destructive forrepparttar 147041 church because it directly affectsrepparttar 147042 pastor throughrepparttar 147043 unhappiness, fear, and frustration ofrepparttar 147044 wife. Secondly it is destructive torepparttar 147045 wife because it promotes fear, insecurtiy, anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions. One ofrepparttar 147046 saddest and most damaging things inrepparttar 147047 Kingdom of God is an unhappy Pastors wife. Read next months article to find out more about "Freedom from Anxiety in Ministry."

Anyway, I have great news for you ladies! John 8:36 says, "So ifrepparttar 147048 Son has set you free, you will be free indeed." God has created all of us in so many unique ways. How boring it would be if all Pastor's and their wives looked alike, acted alike, and did everthing alike? Let me tell you a little story. Inrepparttar 147049 beginning of my husband and I's journey into full-time ministry, we were invited to a regional meeting ofrepparttar 147050 officers of a certain denomination. It was a dinner engagement with a small agenda. Allrepparttar 147051 wives were invited to attend. I was so excited because I was going to be able to meet other pastors wives and glean from their experience and haverepparttar 147052 opportunity to rub elbows with some higher-ups inrepparttar 147053 organization. I sat down so proud next to my husband and thought, "Letrepparttar 147054 party begin." I began to realize just after a short time that these women aroundrepparttar 147055 banquet table were miserable, did not want to be there, and had no interest in talking to me at all. Their faces seemed to tell a horrible story of years of being something that they were not. Since I wasn't a member of their church, they had nothing to loose by not beingrepparttar 147056 affectionate, loving, outgoing, articulate, confident, women they were suppose to be. My heart began to become grieved for them and I began to pray and ask God to help me never to come to that place. I talked about this with my husband and I made a decision that night to always try to be myself. I didn't want to be in ministry if it was like that. There were so many other things that I could do to glorify God inrepparttar 147057 workplace, and in ministry. Today my life's goal is helping people realize their dreams in Him, and especially Pastors and their wives. I have never had so much fun, been so fulfilled and been so in love with my husband! You can have your cake and eat it too! Jesus has come to give us life and give it more abundantly! God has called each of us to be what He has called us to be, not what others expect. The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy inrepparttar 147058 Holy Ghost! Let's live in that!


Written by Irvin L. Rozier


Habakkuk 2 verse 3: Forrepparttar vision is yet for an appointed time, but atrepparttar 147037 end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it: because it will surely come, it will not tarry."

Have you ever had a vision from God? Have you ever had a clear word from God that he is going to do something? Dorepparttar 147038 months and years roll by withoutrepparttar 147039 vision being fulfilled? Have you almost gave up on your vision? Hasrepparttar 147040 devil whispered to you, "God didn't give you a vision, God didn't speak to you, you might as well give up....look at you, waiting for something that is not going to happen."

Well, my friend, I am here to tell you that God is not man; He does not lie. All throughoutrepparttar 147041 Bible, stories are recorded of men and women who have received a vision or clear word from God but they had to wait for it to be fulfilled. Time does not permit me to tellrepparttar 147042 full stories of Noah, how he found grace inrepparttar 147043 eyes ofrepparttar 147044 Lord, received a clear word from God but had to wait days and years forrepparttar 147045 word to be fulfilled. How about Abraham and Sarah? God gave them a clear word that they were going to have a son although this seemed impossible. Sarah even laughed atrepparttar 147046 thought. Yet God fulfilled his word atrepparttar 147047 right time. How about Moses, who had to wait 40 years for his vision to be fulfilled? He was humbled inrepparttar 147048 wilderness before he could assumerepparttar 147049 position that God had created for him. I could go on and on about clear words fromrepparttar 147050 Lord, visions and dreams, and answers to prayers that were delayed for God's purposes.

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