Attacks On Traditional Values Are Not Selling At The Box Office

Written by Bill Knell

I have always believed inrepparttar right of free expression. People should be able to express an opinion without being punished for it. The exceptions to that rule are using an opinion to defame without cause, slander someone or attack their ethnicity. That goes far beyondrepparttar 146623 fair expression of an opinion. Couldrepparttar 146624 current slump in movie ticket sales berepparttar 146625 result of Hollywood's war against traditional values? Have liberal actors gone too far in their political expressions to remain marketable?

Many of this yearís films feature some of Hollywoodís most liberal and outspoken actors. Most ofrepparttar 146626 plots, it can be argued, have a decidedly liberal and even anti-conservative slant. It may be that liberals were encouraged withrepparttar 146627 financial success of Michael Mooreís film, Fahrenheit 9/11. However, that was during an election year when people were hungry to hear both sides ofrepparttar 146628 issue. That hunger, it seems, has subsided.

Can be it thatrepparttar 146629 liberals in Hollywood have become so philosophically disconnected fromrepparttar 146630 average American that they no longer care about what their audiences really want to see? Almost every film released features characters that are divorced, separated or single with children. Traditional mothers, fathers and couples are portrayed as bored, worn out, soulless people who live meaningless lives. Todayís villains arerepparttar 146631 CEOs of greedy corporations. Didnít anyone in Tinsel Town noticerepparttar 146632 popularity of The Apprentice?

I have been on this Earth for forty some years. During that time, many things have changed. The one thing that has not is that people go torepparttar 146633 movies to escape. They donít want their superheroes trying to teach them a series of liberal social values. They do not want The Godfather trying to saverepparttar 146634 whales. They donít want every coming of age film to automatically include a gay or lesbian character. They want to be entertained. When films become dreary morality lessons and cease to entertain, people stop going torepparttar 146635 movies.

With America going in a decidedly conservative direction, it does not seem unreasonable to ask for more films where people who donít leave, get a sex change operation or reveal they are gay get some credit. There are a lot of moms and dads out there working very hard to keep their family together. Many of them do not see their lives are empty, wasted or meaningless. Not all teenagers are joyriding, smoking pot or having relations with everything that moves. Some actually have some respect for themselves and know better.

There was a time when many Americans allowed Hollywood liberals to tell them how to think. They maderepparttar 146636 films and we were expected to simply show up at theaters because entertainment choices were limited. Thatís no longerrepparttar 146637 case. With a zillion cable channels, an ever-growing volume of independent conservative films and portable media that fits in our pocket, we can now select our own entertainment.

Rome Total War : Battle Strategy Guide

Written by Tony James

A. Formations

Itís pretty much common sense to come up with a good formation for your army butrepparttar basic idea in most situations is to have your infantry in front, ranged units behind, cavalry protectingrepparttar 146590 flanks and your general right behindrepparttar 146591 infantry. Havingrepparttar 146592 general next to your infantry boosts their morale. If you have larger numbers thanrepparttar 146593 enemy, itís usually a good idea to spread your formation so you can surroundrepparttar 146594 enemy.

B. Flanks and Rear

The flanks and rear of any army are its most vulnerable points. By placing cavalry onrepparttar 146595 side you can help protect your flanks. When facing an enemy, always try to attack its flanks or rear with your army, especially your cavalry. A cavalry charge torepparttar 146596 rear can devastate any unit and lower its morale. When facing an army unit such as Greek hoplite phalanx, you must userepparttar 146597 slow speed ofrepparttar 146598 enemy to your advantage to flankrepparttar 146599 opponent. The Phalanx is particularly vulnerable anywhere exceptrepparttar 146600 front. One tactic that seems to work is to slowly flankrepparttar 146601 enemy is to form your troops in a slight half circle so you can slowly surround your enemy. Never let your infantry become isolated, try to keep them in formation in a line so they dont feel like they are being surrounded.

C. Morale

The morale of your troops isrepparttar 146602 most important aspect of a battle. If your troops are surrounded they will lose morale and try to escape in a rout. Try to prevent this and use this to your advantage by surrounding troops whenever possible. Showering arrows onrepparttar 146603 enemy army lowers its morale Also, launching a surprise attack on an unprotected side hasrepparttar 146604 same effect. Having enemy generals near your troops lowers their morale slightly, this is also true of your general and enemy troops. Keep in mind that more experienced troops have higher morale. New troops will most likely rout if your general flees.

All units onrepparttar 146605 battlefield know who is winningrepparttar 146606 battle by observing their surroundings. If they see any unit or a general fleeing, they are more likely to flee. Use this to your advantage; if you have a unit surrounded and they are routing, let them flee rather than let them fight their hardest to get out of their situation. Once other enemy units have seen them, mow them down with your cavalry to showrepparttar 146607 other army who isrepparttar 146608 boss.

D. Unit strengths

Each ofrepparttar 146609 different unit types is vulnerable to another type. Cavalry is vulnerable to frontal spear attacks. Light Infantry is vulnerable to cavalry and Heavy infantry is also vulnerable to side attacks from cavalry but is effective in hand to hand combat. Artillery is good offensively against almost any unit but is extremely weak defensively and dies quickly after a head on attack.

Elephants are a great unit against infantry and lowerrepparttar 146610 morale of enemy troops. They can be supressed by a large number of ranged units and scare tactics such as incendiary pigs. Your Elephants may also turn and attack your own troops in which case you haverepparttar 146611 option of using repparttar 146612 special ability where your rider executes them.

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