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Written by Regina Stevens

Information Technology Job Seekers - Atlanta (ITJSA) is a networking service based in Atlanta, Georgia. ITJSA was created to assist IT job seekers find technology jobs throughout Atlanta.

The service began inrepparttar form of a paper newsletter in February 2005 and distributed throughoutrepparttar 136197 Atlanta area. After 7 days of introducingrepparttar 136198 service, Founder, Regina Stevens, after receiving tons of responses torepparttar 136199 service, decided to create a website to accommodate all participants.

Regina Stevens says, "This service was created primarily out of frustration. IT job descriptions are not written realistically, so therefore, IT people cannot find jobs and employers are having difficulties finding IT candidates. The problem is that no ONE person can be an expert in all IT fields, which are requested inrepparttar 136200 majority of IT descriptions."

Learn How To Network for HIDDEN Jobs

Written by Nathan Newberger

** People Who Can Network Get The HIDDEN Jobs **

This career article will explain to yourepparttar benefits of networking. I will also provide some tips and sources that you can use immediately to start building your personal network.

Iíll quickly coverrepparttar 136196 following:

A) Why Network With People? B) Five Networking Tips To Get Started. C) Quick Networking Hints. D) Sources To Start Your Network.

****** FACT ****** Employers love referrals and first look to tap their own workers for people they know that can fill open positions. Its cheaper and provides for more quality employees.

By networking, you increase your chances of being personally referred and thus have your foot inrepparttar 136197 door.

=========================================== WHY NETWORK WITH PEOPLE? =========================================== It's true, some ofrepparttar 136198 best jobs are never advertised. Many are filled by successful job seekers who networked withrepparttar 136199 right people and gotrepparttar 136200 job before it was ever advertised.

Itís a proven fact that informal networking is a great method to gain more job leads and information about job opportunities that are not normally advertised. There is more to successful networking than just talking to your friends. To be a successful networker you must have as many contacts as possible hear your pitch and understand that you are inrepparttar 136201 job market. There are many studies and surveys that clearly show that networking maderepparttar 136202 difference for successful job seekers.

Now that you understandrepparttar 136203 power of networking, here are some tips and advice that will help you get started.

=========================================== FIVE NETWORKING TIPS YOU NEED TO KNOW ===========================================

Tip #1 NETWORK ANYWHERE Thatísrepparttar 136204 beauty of this strategy. You can network in a movie line, restaurants, church, a friendís wedding, etc. Converse and communicate your desires to 20 people atrepparttar 136205 next social get togetherÖ those 20 people know 20 more people and so on. You getrepparttar 136206 idea. To get a jump on things, easily start with people you already know such as family and friends. The size of this network may surprise you.

Tip #2 NETWORK FOR REFERRALS Remember your goal: You wantrepparttar 136207 people who you network with to eventually get your resume in front ofrepparttar 136208 person doingrepparttar 136209 hiring. As you network you will meet many people at various companies. If you find out that a job is open at one of these companies, you will definitely have an advantage by saying you know so and so or even having that person ďreferĒ you in. Companies always lean more towards inside referrals when hiring.

Tip #3 DONíT BE SHY You never know who could haverepparttar 136210 perfect untapped job lead. For many people, there is an anxiety fear of just meeting new people and starting a conversation. Its really not that bad, if someone came up to you and started small talk, how would you feel? You wouldnít think any less ofrepparttar 136211 person would you? People by nature are of a social nature. Donít be shy as it could cost yourepparttar 136212 perfect opportunity. By just dropping your name torepparttar 136213 right person you only increase your chances.

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