Ativan Side Effects Lawyer

Written by Anna Henningsgaard

The drug Lorazepan is marketed underrepparttar names Alzapam, Ativan, Loraz, Lorazepam, Intensol. Ativan isrepparttar 149310 safest form of this type of drug because it has less of an effect onrepparttar 149311 liver than other benzodiazepines, which means that a patient can take it in conjunction with other liver affecting medications like birth control pills, anti-abuse drugs, propranolol, and ulcer medications. However, Ativan also has dangerous side effects. If you or a loved one suffer from any of these harmful side effects, stop takingrepparttar 149312 drug immediately and contact both a doctor and a lawyer. Drugs are meant to improve your health and wellbeing and if Ativan threatens you or makes you sicker you have a right to take your injuries to court.

Ativan is a mild tranquilizer with many different applications, and depending on how it is used it can cause different side effects. Ativan is commonly used to relieve anxiety, to calm manic schizophrenics, and as an intravenous pre-surgery relaxant. Ativan may also be used to cure such diverse maladies as alcohol withdrawal symptoms, to treat serial seizures in children, to promote amnesia, and to relaxrepparttar 149313 severe vomiting of patients after chemotherapy.

The dangerous side effects of Ativan, however, are just as diverse. Many patients suffer from allergic reactions that manifest in difficulty breathing, closing ofrepparttar 149314 throat, and swollen lips, face, and tongue. Some people develop open sores inrepparttar 149315 mouth and throat or yellowed skin and eyes or a widespread rash. Some patients even suffer from hallucinations, severe confusion, and changes in vision. As you can imagine, these side effects seriously threatenrepparttar 149316 quality of life of patients using Ativan. In addition, it has negative reactions with many ordinary drugs like antacids. ga

Workers’ Compensation in Michigan

Written by Mike Mahon

Workers’ Compensation is a state-regulated insurance program that pays medical bills and replaces some lost wages for employees who are injured at work or who have work-related diseases, injuries, or illness. In Michigan workers’ compensation provides medical, income, death and burial benefits.

Even though all employers inrepparttar State of Michigan are legally required to carry worker’s compensation insurance, it doesn’t necessarily meanrepparttar 149148 claims will be handled appropriately.

There are exceptions torepparttar 149149 rule, too. For example, farms and farmers are exempt under Michigan WCA (Workers’ Compensation Act) guidelines. Named partners and officers of partnerships and corporations may also be exempt even though their employees must be covered.

Workers’ compensation is specifically designed to only cover injuries that "arise out of and inrepparttar 149150 course ofrepparttar 149151 employment." In most cases, it is obvious whether or notrepparttar 149152 injury occurred at work. However, there may be occasions when an employee is away fromrepparttar 149153 office on company business and a covered injury occurs. This does not apply to traveling to or from work.

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