At the Edge of Our Faith

Written by Carol Dee Meeks

“It isrepparttar friendliest kind of cancer,”repparttar 126914 doctor

said. “I don’t think it will visit him again,” he added

with a smile.

Basal Cell Carcinoma, a malignant epithelial tumor-a

skin cancer, was born on my husband’s nose from too much New

Mexico sun. Indeed, it isrepparttar 126915 best kind of cancer to make

its home on your body if cancer has to camp on your door


Butrepparttar 126916 days we spent waiting forrepparttar 126917 report led us to

the edge of our faith. Likerepparttar 126918 wolf howls at midnight on

the canyon’s rim, we stood and watched our future slip into

A Little Bit of Something

Written by Joyce C. Lock

“A Little Bit of Something is Better Than All of Nothing” is a phrase I remember since early childhood. In theory, it sounds logical. I'd rather have a little piece of candy than none at all. Wouldn't we all (unless you're diabetic, allergic or something)?

But, in reality, that phrase has very little truth. Though we still believe in its merit, it really means to settle for second best.

So many times, people settle. They settle for mediocrity in their walk, less than prosperity in their finances, a second rate calling when they rejectedrepparttar first. They settle for a church closer to home, friends that don't place too many restrictions on their lifestyle, a quick prayer instead of quality time with God. They chooserepparttar 126913 easy road, a low road,repparttar 126914 path of least resistance.

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