At What Cost?

Written by Dave Balch

Do you like to save money? Duh... Of course you do! When you own your own business, you really appreciaterepparttar value of a dollar and want to squeeze everything you can out of each and every one. Right? RIGHT! But at what cost?

I remember shopping for a laser printer about 10 years ago. Living in a rural area, mail order isrepparttar 125595 way to go for me and I combedrepparttar 125596 ads inrepparttar 125597 back of PC Magazine. Many of them didn't even show a price; it just said "Call" and I did. When I gotrepparttar 125598 price I wrote it down, then discovered that terms varied. Considerations such as shipping costs, credit card surcharges, sales tax if purchased within California, etc. all affected my bottom line cost, and whenever I discovered a new consideration, I had to re-dialrepparttar 125599 companies I already spoke to in order to get their policy onrepparttar 125600 matter. I figure I spent at least 10 hours doing research. I also figure that I saved about $50. Pretty good, huh? NOPE! I probably could have made a heckava lot more than that had I invested those 10 hours in my business!

I'm not saying that it is a waste of time to shop for a good price. Far from it. But there is a line, however, that you should be careful not to cross because that's when you enterrepparttar 125601 never-never land of diminishing returns. Inrepparttar 125602 first hour, I could have determined thatrepparttar 125603 price of my printer wouldn't vary by much. At that point I should have just made a decision, ordered it, and moved on. I would have saved 9 hours of my time and probably only spent $20 or $25 more than I did. What I'm saying is that you have to remember to consider your time as part ofrepparttar 125604 price.

Take Control of Your Visual Aids

Written by Ron Sathoff

When I was teaching public speaking, I always told my students that they had to be careful because visual aids tended to be "mischievous."

By this, I meant that visual aids have a tendency to go wrong exactly atrepparttar worst time. If you aren't extremely careful, they will detract from your presentation, rather than enhance it.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't use visual aids. It just means that you should be careful when using them. Make sure that you know what might happen, and do everything you can to avoid problems.

For instance, I can't countrepparttar 125594 number of times students or clients have tried to use a VCR, only to find out thatrepparttar 125595 machine didn't work, or thatrepparttar 125596 tape was cued torepparttar 125597 wrong place. Believe me,repparttar 125598 worst time to find this out is when you are givingrepparttar 125599 speech.

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