Astral Travel

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

ASTRAL TRAVEL: - Why would I put something so natural and real in a mystery segment? Although everyone travels astrally few are conscious of where they go or what happens when they are asleep. The waking consciousness seems a jealous protector of its domain and wishes to give little credit to our dream state. Yet, there are systems of belief that know what our soul learns in sleep to be as important as when we are awake.

Conscious dreaming may have an element of positive thinking and visualization or prayer (wishful thinking) that pure astral travel does not. Some purists will say that OOBEs or 'Out of Body Experiences' arerepparttar only astral events. It is possible for others to take you with them on their 'travels' andrepparttar 122222 adept I mentioned in relation torepparttar 122223 mountain-climbing Sutra did that with me. I met Blue Harary atrepparttar 122224 Psychical Research Foundation in Durham North Carolina many years before he wrote his book onrepparttar 122225 subject. He had a black cat in his room when I saw him doing his research with them. I have found this helpful myself. Whether that is a 'familiar' or a guide and sometimes even known as an ally is also just words. What might work is what should matter.

As part ofrepparttar 122226 process to conscious dreaming and decreeing it is good to think of everything you did duringrepparttar 122227 day before you go to sleep. As you do this you should think of what you would like to

Ghosts vs. Demons: Real or Coincidence

Written by Gloria Young

As a ghost hunter and paranormal investigator, I have had my share of experiences with ghosts. I have also had my share of people asking me how I know it was a ghost that made those experiences happen. My response goes something like, 'when I get my hair pulled, my shirt pulled or I get pushed and, when turning around there is no one there, itís hard for me to say that itís not a ghost. When performing an investigation, I know whererepparttar other members ofrepparttar 122221 group are andrepparttar 122222 realization that I was touched by something that no longer exists as a part of this world, becomes very profound to me. It took an extreme amount of energy for that ghost to perform that action and he/she picked me to do it to. I feel very honored. It is not often that one is chosen for such an honor.

As I am able to discussrepparttar 122223 effects of dealing with a ghost, I think it is proper at this point to discussrepparttar 122224 possibilities of demons. First, let me make it very clear that in over ten years of performing investigations in buildings, graveyards and homes I have never come across anything evil or malevolent. I am not saying that there isnít anything like that out in this world but it is not something that I have ever come across.

Personally, I donít believe that such things exist. I also donít believe that these things have anything to do with religion or God. You cannot demand them to go away inrepparttar 122225 name ofrepparttar 122226 Lord. The Lord didnít make them. How can you expectrepparttar 122227 Lord to take them away? Religion has nothing to do with any of these things.

Demonologists cannot take away things that are evil. Takingrepparttar 122228 word for what it is and means Ė demon is obvious in that it is something not from this world but Ėology is ďthe study ofĒ, therefore, demonologist stands for someone who studies demons. The word doesnít stand for remover of demons. I have a difficult time understanding, let alone believing that someoneÖa human being can take away something that is made from evil. Standing inrepparttar 122229 middle of a room with a cross that has probably been blessed does not make evil leave. It does makerepparttar 122230 person performing this ritual andrepparttar 122231 person who lives inrepparttar 122232 house feel much better but it serves no other purpose.

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