Asteroid Attack

Written by K.A.Cassimally

Earth, ‘our mother planet’, is being attacked everyday by about 25 tons of dust and sand-sized particles. An asteroid,repparttar size of a small car, hits Earth’s atmosphere about once in every year.

Fortunately she knows how to defend herself. When that small car-sized asteroid enters her atmosphere, she burnsrepparttar 127670 asteroid up beforerepparttar 127671 latter touches her surface. So no damage is done.

But what exactly are asteroids? Asteroids are fragments fromrepparttar 127672 formation ofrepparttar 127673 Solar System some 4.6 billion years ago. Fortunately, most asteroids are found inrepparttar 127674 Asteroid Belt found betweenrepparttar 127675 planets Mars and Jupiter,repparttar 127676 gas giant. Scientists think that asteroids found inrepparttar 127677 belt can be as big as 940 km across.

Like everybody though, Earth cannot cope with each and every one ofrepparttar 127678 asteroids.

If an asteroid has managed not to be completely burned up while sprinting into Earth’s atmosphere, then ???? Scientists think thatrepparttar 127679 collision would cause local damage torepparttar 127680 surrounding area.

If that same asteroid however measures more than 1 km across when it touches Earth’s surface, disaster is on its way. Scientists believe that this impact could have worldwide effects. Man however is helping or trying to help our mother Earth.

Astronomers are now observing and tracking asteroids, which are at an average distance from Earth to Moon. By immediately tracking potential dangers and learning more about their orbital paths, scientists have more time to study potentially threatening situations. Inrepparttar 127681 next few years, NASA hopes to discover more than 90% of all Earth’s threatening objects larger than 1 km across.

Chromatography - Hayrapetyan's Effect

Written by Aram Hayrapetyan

"It was not so difficult to invent a new basic technology of Chromatography - Chromabarography; it is rather difficult to wait for its wide practical use forrepparttar development of science inrepparttar 127669 benefit of mankind!" Aram Hayrapetyan

There arerepparttar 127670 best chromatographs inrepparttar 127671 world,repparttar 127672 most modern technological elaborations, but there is notrepparttar 127673 one, which providesrepparttar 127674 maximum efficiency ofrepparttar 127675 chromatographic column.

I have a lot of secrets inrepparttar 127676 field of chromatography! One of them isrepparttar 127677 attainment of maximum possible efficiency ofrepparttar 127678 chromatographic column (HAYRAPETYAN'S Effect). It is provided with new basic technology of chromatography - CHROMABAROGRAPHY (Russia patent "Chromatograph of A. S. Hayrapetyan").

The essence ofrepparttar 127679 new basic technology of chromatography - chromabarography isrepparttar 127680 provision ofrepparttar 127681 optimal conditions ofrepparttar 127682 analysis by keeping unchangedrepparttar 127683 linear rate of an imaginary point -repparttar 127684 zone ofrepparttar 127685 sample moved in time byrepparttar 127686 carrier-gas fromrepparttar 127687 inlet torepparttar 127688 outlet ofrepparttar 127689 chromatographic column, ∆ p being kept constant at its ends duringrepparttar 127690 whole cycle ofrepparttar 127691 analysis, by which a maximum column efficiency (Hayrapetyan's Effect) is attained.

What is Chromabarography? The answer may be so: Or . . . so: The main advantages ofrepparttar 127692 proposed technology in practical analysis may be generated inrepparttar 127693 form ofrepparttar 127694 following propositions:

Attainment of maximum possible efficiency ofrepparttar 127695 column on account of providingrepparttar 127696 optimal conditions ofrepparttar 127697 analysis by keeping unchangedrepparttar 127698 linear rate of an imaginary point -repparttar 127699 zone ofrepparttar 127700 sample moved in time byrepparttar 127701 carrier-gas fromrepparttar 127702 inlet torepparttar 127703 outlet ofrepparttar 127704 chromatographic column;

Reduction of analysis time for a wide range of mixtures, which allows to work with a shorter column (economy of solid support, liquid phase, column material) and at much lower temperatures (economy of electricity) for whichrepparttar 127705 relative retention is generally high. Thusrepparttar 127706 best separation is attained without increasingrepparttar 127707 analysis time. This means an increase inrepparttar 127708 productivity of routine analyses and elaboration of chromatographic methods;

Due torepparttar 127709 fact that it is possible to work at lower temperatures (economy of electricity)repparttar 127710 amount ofrepparttar 127711 liquid phases used inrepparttar 127712 given analysis is increased. Atrepparttar 127713 same time low working temperatures may become necessary for certain thermally unstable samples (increase in column service time);

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