Assume the Best

Written by Steve Waterhouse

Assumerepparttar Best by Steve Waterhouse

Much ofrepparttar 139411 friction between members of a selling team comes from unspoken expectations left unmet. The sales manager expectsrepparttar 139412 report to be in by Monday orrepparttar 139413 marketing department expectsrepparttar 139414 leads to be followed up withinrepparttar 139415 month. When expectations are not met, we may begin to devaluerepparttar 139416 effort made byrepparttar 139417 offending person. If Bill is late withrepparttar 139418 report we assume that Bill is behind in everything and thatrepparttar 139419 cause is Bill's poor work habits. If Joanne is did not follow up onrepparttar 139420 leads we assume she is slacking off and is not doing her job. The net result of this accusatory behavior is low moral, a reduced willingness for others to support these team members, and a general lowering of team effectiveness. In a program I gave recently, I heard a very different view of these situations. One that made me stop and think.

Duringrepparttar 139421 seminar I had askedrepparttar 139422 sales team why they were not able to make some ofrepparttar 139423 necessary changes that we had agreed needed to be made. Almost instantly, a flurry of blaming started. "The marketing department never gets anything right." "Operations never comes through on their commitments." "We just don't getrepparttar 139424 support we need." As I started to untangle this mess, Robert,repparttar 139425 Vice President of Sales stood up and addressed his team. "Ladies and gentlemen," he said, "when you make these statements, you do so without knowingrepparttar 139426 whole picture. You do so without knowingrepparttar 139427 other priorities and stresses that are forced upon these people on a daily basis. You should know that I am aware that some of these people are not doing their jobs as they should. Most ofrepparttar 139428 problems you see inrepparttar 139429 field are even clearer to us inrepparttar 139430 plant. I promise you that we are dealing with many of these situations as we speak. Inrepparttar 139431 meantime, may I suggest we assume that each of our team members is doingrepparttar 139432 best they can? In most cases you will be right. And in all cases you will show your fellow team membersrepparttar 139433 respect that they deserve. Isn't that how you want them to view you? As doingrepparttar 139434 best you can?"

Technology Check List for Meeting Planners

Written by Steve Waterhouse

Use adequate equipment - Computer projectors that requirerepparttar room lights to be down are not acceptable. So are projectors without remote mouse controls! Adjustrepparttar 139410 room - haverepparttar 139411 engineers remove bulbs from fixtures aboverepparttar 139412 screen. Extendrepparttar 139413 "Keystone arm" on screens to leanrepparttar 139414 top forward. It improves viewing significantly. Check electronics ahead of time -

Connect every computer to every projector and sound system Connect every modem to every phone line Connectrepparttar 139415 video conference link (even if it costs more) Advance through every slide program usingrepparttar 139416 remote Test every microphone with every sound system. Walk aroundrepparttar 139417 room while talking into a microphone to check for feedback. Use fresh batteries in everything (and have a spare in your pocket). This includes microphones, remote controls, laser pointers, etc. When usingrepparttar 139418 house sound system in partitioned rooms, ensure that allrepparttar 139419 speakers in your room are on, and that you are not also broadcasting intorepparttar 139420 next room. Tape down all wires. This prevents trips, disconnects and lawsuits. Findrepparttar 139421 hotel A.V. wizard (or union chief) and become their best friend. You must know how to reach them in an emergency. Have 2 designated hosts per room. That way, one can go for help whilerepparttar 139422 other keeps things under control. Ideally, one should be able to assistrepparttar 139423 speaker withrepparttar 139424 technology problems. Have backup equipment

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