Association Executives (ASAE) annual convention August 15-18, 2004. gomembers will be the exclusive virtual exhibitor during the meeting

Written by gomembers, Inc.

“gomembers’ has always been a progressive company, choosing to be a trendsetter,” said Paul Plaia III, President and CEO of gomembers. “Our virtual presence allows meeting attendees and those members unable to be in Minneapolis to visit gomembers’ booth. Visitors can learn more about gomembers’ solutions by touringrepparttar website, having an online “chat” with gomembers’ representatives and register for an online product demonstration,” Plaia also noted.

gomembers has agreed to sponsorrepparttar 133482 ASAE web log, “The Blog” ( duringrepparttar 133483 August ASAE annual convention, where attendees can link directly to gomembers’ virtual booth. Beginning August 15, 2004, visitors can also reach gomembers’ booth via

Plaia also said “The ‘virtual booth’ presence reflects our vision of utilizing technology to reach our customers, and gomembers is excited about providing visitorsrepparttar 133484 opportunity to learn about our membership and meeting software solutions anytime, not just during standard exhibit hours.”

In addition torepparttar 133485 online demo registrations and chat, visitors may also register to win a digital camera, participate in an online survey and download product information as needed.

For more information on gomembers' solutions, please visitrepparttar 133486 Products section of our website.

How to secure your small business with a PIX firewall

Written by Ron Jones

One ofrepparttar more popular firewall products forrepparttar 133481 small business market isrepparttar 133482 Cisco PIX 501. Out ofrepparttar 133483 box it requires just a few configuration entries and you are up and running.

In this guide, we will walk throughrepparttar 133484 steps for configuring your brand new pix atrepparttar 133485 network edge.

This guide is written forrepparttar 133486 user who has no knowledge ofrepparttar 133487 PIX firewall. As such, it is not a treatise on network security, but a quick, by-the numbers guide to configuring a PIX firewall with as little jargon as possible.

We are assuming that you have an internet connection with at least one static IP address. Whilerepparttar 133488 PIX can easily handle a dynamic IP address (that isrepparttar 133489 default configuration), you won’t be able to easily configure remote access, VPNs, Mail, or web servers without a static IP address.

Your PIX should have come with an AC adapter, a yellow CAT 5 cable, an orange CAT5 cable and a flat, (typically) baby blue cable with a 9-pin serial connector on one end and an RJ-45 plug onrepparttar 133490 other.

The yellow CAT5 cable is a standard Ethernet cable and is used to connect your pc or server torepparttar 133491 4-port Ethernet switch built intorepparttar 133492 PIX.

The Orange CAT5 cable is a cross-over cable and may be required to connectrepparttar 133493 outside interface ofrepparttar 133494 PIX to your ISP’s router (if your PC’s or workstations are plugged into a Cisco switch insiderepparttar 133495 network, you will also require a cross-over cable for connecting to one ofrepparttar 133496 switch ports onrepparttar 133497 PIX).

What we are going to use for our configuration isrepparttar 133498 baby blue rollover cable. Insertrepparttar 133499 serial jack into one ofrepparttar 133500 serial ports onrepparttar 133501 back ofrepparttar 133502 PC or laptop you will be using to configurerepparttar 133503 PIX. Then, insertrepparttar 133504 RJ-45 plug intorepparttar 133505 port onrepparttar 133506 back ofrepparttar 133507 PIX labeled “console.”

Windows has a built in application that is used for (among other things) configuring serial devices. Usingrepparttar 133508 start menu, go to Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications > Hyper Terminal.

Chooserepparttar 133509 Hyper Terminal application. You may get a dialog box asking if you’d like to make Hyper Terminal your default telnet application. Unless you have a preference, go ahead and choose yes.

Then you will be asked forrepparttar 133510 area code from which you are dialing, although it isn’t applicable here,repparttar 133511 program still wants to know, so fill it in and click ‘next’ or ‘ok.’

You can callrepparttar 133512 connection anything you’d like; in this example we’ll use PIX. Click ‘ok’ to move on.

Next, we’ll be asked to enterrepparttar 133513 details forrepparttar 133514 phone number we’d like to dial. Since we aren't dialing a phone number, userepparttar 133515 drop-down selector atrepparttar 133516 bottom ofrepparttar 133517 box to choose COM1 or COM2 (whichever is applicable). If you have no idea which one is which, you may need to try it both ways.

Now, you will be expected to tellrepparttar 133518 application some specifics aboutrepparttar 133519 port settings so that it can effectively communicate withrepparttar 133520 PIX.

Luckily, it isn’t too complex, just remember 9600, 8, none, and 1. Enter these settings intorepparttar 133521 drop down selectors ofrepparttar 133522 box on your screen.

Now we are ready to set uprepparttar 133523 PIX. Insertrepparttar 133524 power cable and you will be greeted withrepparttar 133525 startup monologue (it’s not a dialog in this case, it’s just informing you of what is occurring).

Then, you will be greeted with a screen that asks if you’d like to programrepparttar 133526 PIX using interactive prompts. Forrepparttar 133527 purpose of this exercise, type no and click ‘enter’.

You will now get a prompt that looks like this: pixfirewall> Typerepparttar 133528 word ‘enable’ (no quotes), when prompted forrepparttar 133529 password, just click ‘enter’ asrepparttar 133530 default is no password.

The prompt has changed to a hash mark: Pixfirewall# Typerepparttar 133531 phrase ‘configure terminal’ (no quotes); you are tellingrepparttar 133532 PIX that you want to enterrepparttar 133533 global configuration mode and you will be doing your configuration viarepparttar 133534 terminal window.

Your prompt will now look like this: pixfirewall(config)#

The first thing we want to do is give your pix a host name. The PIX command syntax is: Variable name

Thus, to setrepparttar 133535 hostname we will enter: pixfirewall(config)# hostname mypix

Now,repparttar 133536 domain name; it’s alright if you don’t have a domain set up on your network, you can call it whatever you like. However, give some thought to whether a domain might be a possibility at some point and plan your naming scheme appropriately. pixfirewall(config)# domain-name

As you can see fromrepparttar 133537 configuration above,repparttar 133538 ethernet0 interface isrepparttar 133539 outside interface, with a security setting of 0, while ethernet1 isrepparttar 133540 inside interface with a security setting of 100. Additionally, you can see thatrepparttar 133541 interfaces are shutdown. All we need do to bring them up is enterrepparttar 133542 speed at which they should operate. As they are Ethernet interfaces, any software version after 6.3(3) will take 100full, prior to that, use 10full.

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