Associated Myths in MLM

Written by Joseph Then

The MLM business is so popular among people that some of them are totally ignorant aboutrepparttar fact that it takes hard work and days of sweat to make it big. There are number of myths associated with MLM business. Whether a person is a fresher or an expert, anyone hardly knows about MLM business in depth. Some ofrepparttar 143800 associated myths are:

Online MLM business makes lots of money in just one month

This isrepparttar 143801 most destructive myth amongrepparttar 143802 lot of many such myths. People think it isrepparttar 143803 fastest method of getting rich. They pool in some money from here and there and invest them in MLM business. After a series of failures they realize that itís not justrepparttar 143804 money that is lost but time too. Onlyrepparttar 143805 established and experienced people earn about $ 1000 in a month or so. All those who start fromrepparttar 143806 grass root level can never earn this much initially.

Companies lure by giving attractive ads

When some companies big promises it simply means that if you follow them you get ruined orrepparttar 143807 company gets ruined in a couple of years or so. Imagine you had made some residual income and lost it after a short span of time. How would you feel? A genuine business should multiply its own money and not divide it with time. Try to stay away from such lucrative but destructive ads. Donít believe them unless you find them out yourself. It can be fatal.

The more sales you makerepparttar 143808 more you generate money for yourself

The fact is totally opposite of what people think and say. Too many people come together and help each other but inrepparttar 143809 end make too little sales in MLM business. Distributors make money initially, sometimes quickly, by recruiting family members and friends etc to form a big downline. They get hefty commissions in return, that is how they make quick money. Gradually, all of them start losing all their money; simply because they couldnít mange to sellrepparttar 143810 product and all there effort and money go in vain. The bottom line is that you make money by enhancing your downline and not by making sales. Sales arerepparttar 143811 rare possibilities in MLM business.

MLM Recruiting- The 5 Factors that Create Struggle in MLM Recruiting

Written by Doug Firebaugh

There are many people out inrepparttar MLM industry that are having some real struggles in their recruiting efforts, and it seems to be something that is industry wide...

Many people are saying it isrepparttar 143740 times. The economy. It was September 11. It is harder than it used to be. People have changed.

Many reasons I have heard... over and over.

But in reality, people are people, and always will be, and few things ever change. There seems to be something I have noticed though that is happening that can KILL your recruiting in MLM.

It seems to be happening more torepparttar 143741 folks that have been in MLM for a while, thanrepparttar 143742 new folks, and it is hurting a lot of paychecks.

There seems to be a poisonous lack of belief in what folks are doing.

And this had me puzzled, as it seems stronger than usual. And today I felt lead to write about this, and why I believe it is happening.

There are 5 basic reasons why folks are struggling today when recruiting in Network Marketing, and it does not matter who it is, male or female, or how successful you have been or have not been.

But is also involves not only BELIEF... but alsorepparttar 143743 word EASY.

Recruiting is easy, if you believe it is, and you believe in what you are doing. But if you don't, thenrepparttar 143744 fruit of that is struggle. And there are many people who use this as an excuse to ever getrepparttar 143745 results that they want. It is very convenient to but into what others are saying.

Here arerepparttar 143746 5 reasons that folks are struggling today:

1) Its easier to Believe that it WON'T happen... than it WILL...

That is so true. Many folks fall intorepparttar 143747 trap of believing what WON'T happen... vs. what WILL. And many are sabotaged byrepparttar 143748 easier route and effort of believing.

I call it The Path of Easiest Belief...repparttar 143749 path most take in this industry.

And through Life.

It is easier to hang ontorepparttar 143750 excuses that we have and believe that recruiting won't work, than takingrepparttar 143751 time to GROW ourselves intorepparttar 143752 level of belief that ATTRACTS Success, vs REPELS it. And when you have that kind of belief, your prospect can feel it radiating from you and your voice... and presence.

Are you takingrepparttar 143753 EASY Route?

2) It's Easier to Believe what is considered Normal than Abnormal.

Success is abnormal.

Most people in life don't Succeed, they Succumb. Torepparttar 143754 Lies from other people. About how you can never build a business in MLM. Onlyrepparttar 143755 Lucky Few ever get torepparttar 143756 top. And if you do succeed... it's abnormal. You are going againstrepparttar 143757 grain.

I prefer to call it Growing againstrepparttar 143758 Grain.

You must grow beyond those Normal people that are holding you back.

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