Assisted Living Facilities – What Are They?

Written by Alex Jensen

Assisted Living facilities are generally for person’s 60 years of age and older. Typical candidates need assistance with “Activities of Daily Living” (ADLs), but wish to live as independently as possible. Assisted Living communities exist to bridgerepparttar gap between seniors that can live independently and skilled nursing homes.

Assisted living facilities provide helpful services such as:

1. Eating, 2. Bathing, 3. Dressing, 4. Grooming 5. Laundry 6. Housekeeping 7. Assistance with medications.

While Board and Care facilities are usually in a private residential home, Assisted Living facilities are larger structures often arranged as senior living communities. These communities can contain as many as 400 residents or as few as 25 seniors. Residents of assisted living communities usually meet in a dining room together with other residents for meals.

A person designated asrepparttar 149390 ‘Activities Director’ oversees a key area inrepparttar 149391 assisted living community - Social activities. The Activities Director typically arranges daily options for residents including outings, crafts, dances, music, educational classes, seminars, and other opportunities. All activities are designed to encourage physical and mental stimulation.

Assisted Living facilities create a care plan for each individual resident upon admission. The care plan detailsrepparttar 149392 agreed upon personalized services required byrepparttar 149393 resident and guaranteed to be provided byrepparttar 149394 facility. The plan is updated regularly to assure thatrepparttar 149395 resident receivesrepparttar 149396 appropriate care as his or her condition changes.

The Facts About Lung Cancer - Better To Be Aware

Written by Jon Butt

Keep yourself abreast of facts about lung cancer, asrepparttar statistics of affliction are staggering and in most cases, lung cancer can even be prevented. Cancer,repparttar 149389 dreaded disease, is a malady marked byrepparttar 149390 uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells, which rapidly destroy healthy tissue. Although changes inrepparttar 149391 lung begin almost immediately upon exposure to carcinogens, lung cancer takes years to develop.

In fact, Mesothelioma research news states thatrepparttar 149392 period ofrepparttar 149393 onset of Mesothelioma cancer could be from 10 to 60 years fromrepparttar 149394 time of exposure to asbestos.

What Do We Know About Lung Cancer So Far?

Lung cancer facts indicate that most people afflicted withrepparttar 149395 disease are those over fifty who have been smoking for a long period. Research news points out thatrepparttar 149396 symptoms of lung cancer are dependant on several factors, includingrepparttar 149397 location ofrepparttar 149398 tumor inrepparttar 149399 lung. A chronic cough, repeated lung infections, wheezing, chest pain - any or all of these may be indicative of lung cancer.

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