Ask Mr. D on Banner Exchange

Written by Bill Daugherty

Dear Mr. D,

I recently joined a banner exchange. This is my first venture into banner advertising and I was shocked to see my banner getting a measly .3% click-through rate.

Is this a normal ratio or do I just have a lousy banner?


Clickless In Seattle


Dear Clickless,

Back inrepparttar good old days (three or four years ago) it was easy to get surfers to click on banners. Today that has changed dramatically, banner advertising has hit hard times.

But even in today's climate, a .3% click-through rate is extremely low. I haven't seen your banner, so I don't know if it is lousy or not. But here are some tips to follow when creating your banner.

* The text should consist of only a few words that offer a clear message.

"EXPLODE Your Sales With Solo Ads!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

The very best form of online advertising is Ezine and Newsletter Advertising.

Andrepparttar best type of ad to place is a Solo Ad.


First, because Ezines and Newsletters are read by people that have requested to receive those publications.

Those people read those ezines and newsletters because they are about a subject that is important to them.

That creates a niche or target audience for delivery of whatever related message you wish to convey.

A review of newsletter and ezine directories will yield a wealth of online publications that will cover just about every conceivable subject.

For a FREE list of Directories that contain 1000's:

No matter what your product or service, you are bound to find an online publication that already has subscribers who will fit your niche or target audience.

You can find even more by doing a keyword search at your favorite Search Engine or Directory.

Second, when you get ready to run your ad in any online publication, then you must decide on whether you want to place a Classified Ad, a Top Sponsor Ad or a Solo Ad.

I have been doing business online for over 7 years and I have learned from trial and error that a Solo Ad will pull at least 10 times more response than a Top Sponsor Ad and about 20 times more than a Classified Ad.


Because your Solo Ad does NOT compete with any other ads.

A Solo Ad is a HIGH-IMPACT message that can easily be read and will easily be acted upon.

It is well worthrepparttar 101223 added expense over other types of ads.

And, you can significantly improve your rate of return if you incorporate some ofrepparttar 101224 following principles in your Solo Ad copy:

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