Ask Mr. D - Search Engine Keywords

Written by Bill Daugherty

Dear Mr. D,

My partner and I have a website that puts together all kinds of tours of Mexico for people. I think we have great products at great prices. We have a great website that cost us a lot of money to have designed. There's just one problem, we are getting very little traffic. So, I'm sure you can guess that we aren't making any money.

It is our understanding that search engines can bring a lot of traffic to a site, but that hasn't been our experience. We have listed our site with several ofrepparttar pay-per-click engines and we have a top listing with all of them withrepparttar 128370 key phrase "Mexico Vacation Tours." But we are only getting a few hits a week. We don't know what's wrong.




Dear Defeated,

I am surprised you are getting any hits at all. Your key phrase is too narrow for most surfers to find.

Seven Search Engine Similarities

Written by Judith Tramayne-Barth

It's true -- search engines are a royal pain when you try to optimize your web pages for them but you can reducerepparttar pain by analyzing their similarities.

==> Similarity #1

Search engines do not like frames so don't use them or put in repparttar 128369 < no frames > tag.

==> Similarity #2

Titles should have key word in it and not be longer then 75 characters. Less is even better. Make sure your title starts withrepparttar 128370 key word if you can.

==> Similarity #3

Each web page should have a different key word inrepparttar 128371 title but be part of a theme. Search engines look for consistent keywords throughout your site.

For instance, < title >Golf tips by Butch Harmon at < itle > on one page, < title > Free golf putting tips by David Leadbetter at < itle > on another page or even < title >Golf products to improve your golf game at < itle> on a third page. Each title hasrepparttar 128372 word golf sorepparttar 128373 search engine spider knowsrepparttar 128374 site must pertain to golf -- which it does. Hey, nobody ever accused these robots of being smart.

==> Similarity #4

Meta name description and keyword tags are accepted by some but not all; therefore, keep your description to a minimum length andrepparttar 128375 keyword tag to only one or two. Spend your time on a pithy, short one line description sentence which includes your keyword atrepparttar 128376 start ofrepparttar 128377 sentence but will also enticerepparttar 128378 person viewing to click onrepparttar 128379 link.

==> Similarity #5

Search engine spiders or robots likerepparttar 128380 keyword or phrase at repparttar 128381 top of your page betweenrepparttar 128382 < h > < / h > codes. So make surerepparttar 128383 first table cell on your page has your pithy one line description in it usingrepparttar 128384 opening and closing < h > tags.

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