Ask Mr. D - Pop-Up Ads

Written by Bill Daugherty

Dear Mr. D,

It seems like everyone onrepparttar net is talking about pop-up ads. A lot of people hate them, but a lot of other people seem to do real well with them.

My question is, do they really work as great as some people say? And one more thing, what do you think about pop-ups?




Dear Curious,

Love them or hate them,repparttar 101096 fact ofrepparttar 101097 matter is - pop-up ads and pop-under or pop-back ads are enjoying an amazing success. The reason for their success isrepparttar 101098 same reason they are so hated by some - they cannot be ignored like most other types of ads.

Ask Mr. D - Advertising

Written by Bill Daugherty

Dear Mr. D,

I have found thatrepparttar biggest challenge in marketing my ebusiness is to write effective ads. In a lot of articles I have read on ad writing, I have come acrossrepparttar 101095 term "sellrepparttar 101096 sizzle." Can you tell me what they mean?

And tell me if this is really important to writing good effective ads or if it's not all that important.


John in Tulsa


Dear John in Tulsa,

Sellingrepparttar 101097 "sizzle" is very important inrepparttar 101098 field of advertising. It's notrepparttar 101099 only way to sell effectively, but I have found it to be one ofrepparttar 101100 best advertising techniques.

Sellingrepparttar 101101 sizzle means to sellrepparttar 101102 benefits your buyers will derive from owning and using your service or product. Will your product or service makerepparttar 101103 buyer healthier, wealthier, feel better, look better, smarter, etc.

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