Ask Mr. D - On Tracking Ads

Written by Bill Daugherty

Dear Mr. D,

I am a retired postal worker. A couple of months ago I decided to supplement my retirement check by making a few extra dollars onrepparttar Internet. I figured that if I could making an extra $500 per month, my life would be a lot easier.

I joined an affiliate program and started advertising. The first full month I made a little less than $50. The second month I made exactly $50.

Can you tell me how I can drive this income to my $500 goal?


Stalled At $50


Dear Stalled At $50,

The 3 keys to increasing your Internet income are: traffic, traffic and traffic.

To increase your affiliate commissions from $50 to $500 you need to generate 10 times more traffic than your current rate. Now,repparttar 101066 question is how can you achieve this increase in traffic?

Show Your Cards

Written by Dave Balch

I just found a stack of business cards hiding under some papers on my desk. I had collected them at a recent speaker's convention to add torepparttar distribution list for my free electronic newsletter. (I invite you to sign up for it at )

I was amazed at how little I remembered about these people! I met them, shook their hands, and conversed with them; but all I have to remember them by is that little piece of card stock. It suddenly dawned on me that those business cards have a big job to do. Is yours doing a good job?

Whether you realize it or not, whether you like it or not, people get an impression of you just byrepparttar 101065 card you give them. Oh, sure, many times you've already met them face to face (like I did atrepparttar 101066 convention) before you even whip out that card, and a first impression has been made, but what about whenrepparttar 101067 card appears three weeks later and they say "Who WAS this?" What do they do?

First,repparttar 101068 quality ofrepparttar 101069 card speaks volumes about you. Not onlyrepparttar 101070 quality ofrepparttar 101071 paper, butrepparttar 101072 print quality as well. Flimsy cards that look like they were made on a copier leave an impression all right; a bad one.

Colors/patterns/designs: do they convey an image that you want to have? Professional? Fun loving? Dignified?

What is onrepparttar 101073 card is important too. Here are just a few things that your business card has to include. (Some are obvious, some are not.)

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