Ask Mr. D - On Search Engine Tactics

Written by Bill Daugherty

Dear Mr. D,

My question is about getting a website listed onrepparttar major search engines.

Forrepparttar 128379 past several months I have been submitting my website to several ofrepparttar 128380 major search engines. But, I don't think I am listed by any of them. At least I can find my site when I do a search for my keywords.

Can you take a look at my site and tell me if there is something wrong with my site that is preventing me from getting listed? This is really frustrating.




Dear Frustrated,

Getting listed on any ofrepparttar 128381 major search engines can be a trying adverture. But, so much of Web traffic comes from these engines, it is worthrepparttar 128382 effort.

The reason your site is being ignored byrepparttar 128383 major engines is you don't have any meta tags in your code. When you submit your site to a search engine they send a spider to crawl your site for allrepparttar 128384 other details. And repparttar 128385 very first thing this spider looks for is ... Meta Tags!


Written by Craig Lock

"To win, you first have to be noticed"

Thought I'd share a few hints, based on our experiences overrepparttar past five years...

In listing our various web sites, we only concentrate onrepparttar 128378 major (12 or so search engines) and directories, like Open Directory, who supply their database to many ofrepparttar 128379 big search engines. We've found that we check our listings inrepparttar 128380 search engines every two months or so and do resubmit - just torepparttar 128381 MAJOR search engines. Though I don't try it with Alta Vista and especially Yahoo (as we are already high up there with our creative writing courses). I don't dare risk them chucking us out, though I don't think they will! We've had some difficulty with HotBot and Lycos (especially) and Open Directory in getting listed, so I do re-submit from time to time and they then seem to get listed. Alta Vista seems to take a while - about 6 weeks. Believe Lycos is "winding down" in listing sites incidentally.

So suggest checking your listings occasionally and resubmit- ting (INDIVIDUALLY). I don't think any ofrepparttar 128382 major search engines see that as spam.

We also submit torepparttar 128383 regional Yahoo (Australia and New Zealand) and find we get listed quite speedily. I bid on key words with Go To for 'writing courses', but we've foundrepparttar 128384 traffic from them to be minimal.

A thought, sorry question, on which to end...

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