Ask Mr. D - Ezine Circulation

Written by Bill Daugherty

Dear Mr. D,

Recently I started a new weekly ezine, which I publish every Wednesday. I'm using a list management company that automatically handlerepparttar subscribe and unsubscribe requests.

Here's my question: Initially my circulation was growing nicely, but all of a sudden it has started to shrink. What's going on? How can I turn this thing around.


Shrinking list


Dear Shrinking List,

You will lose some subscribers through normal attrition. Some will just lose interest inrepparttar 124422 subject material of your publication. Some will change email address, but forget to notify you, etc. There's not much you can do about these types of lost subscribers. You just have to market your ezine enough to make up for these dropouts.

Four Joint Venture Strategies To Quadruple Your Ezine Subscriber Base Over The Next Two Months

Written by Dr. Bill Nieporte

What would an influx of a several thousand new ezine subscribers do to your profit margin overrepparttar next two months? If you've got a worthwhile product and a site that sells, you could easily quadruple your profits!

So how do you build your subscriber base? I want to suggest four *Joint Venture* strategies that really work. A joint venture is an arrangement where two or more people trade on their resources forrepparttar 124421 mutual benefit of all. Here's how such marketing strategies might work for ezine publishers.


One ofrepparttar 124422 most poorly kept secrets Internet marketing is that if you write content for your ezine and submit it to other editors, many of them will accept it for publication. Fresh and valuable information is a hot commodity for among ezine editors.

In return you (the author) will benefit from having a free resource box of about seven lines to advertise your ezine and/or other product.

It this strategy productive? Most definitely! Overrepparttar 124423 last four weeks I have distributed two fresh articles to other ezine editors. At last count these two articles have earned me nearly 500,000 FREE ezine impressions. One ezine contained over 150,000 subscribers. Within six hours after this issue hitrepparttar 124424 Internet my subscriber count had increased by over 400.


Here's a very novel idea that works wonders. Create a "Joint Venture Publishing Partnership" with a fellow ezine. Find an ezine that targets an audience your products are geared to attract. Then proposerepparttar 124425 deal. Suggest torepparttar 124426 editor that your cross publish your ezine to other's lists.

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