Ask Mr. D - Advertising

Written by Bill Daugherty

Dear Mr. D,

I have found thatrepparttar biggest challenge in marketing my ebusiness is to write effective ads. In a lot of articles I have read on ad writing, I have come acrossrepparttar 101095 term "sellrepparttar 101096 sizzle." Can you tell me what they mean?

And tell me if this is really important to writing good effective ads or if it's not all that important.


John in Tulsa


Dear John in Tulsa,

Sellingrepparttar 101097 "sizzle" is very important inrepparttar 101098 field of advertising. It's notrepparttar 101099 only way to sell effectively, but I have found it to be one ofrepparttar 101100 best advertising techniques.

Sellingrepparttar 101101 sizzle means to sellrepparttar 101102 benefits your buyers will derive from owning and using your service or product. Will your product or service makerepparttar 101103 buyer healthier, wealthier, feel better, look better, smarter, etc.

Lost Opportunity

Written by Bob Osgoodby

While I don't condone "spam", (unsolicited advertisements sent by email) we all realize it is a fact of life. It is one ofrepparttar fastest growing segments of Internet advertising today, and is expected to triple in volume next year. The approximate 400 million dollars spent last year is expected to grow to 1.2 billion in 2002.

Many people who have been aroundrepparttar 101094 Internet for awhile, have seen this grow to big business. But like any new industry, it is going through growing pains, and basic mistakes are being made. Until these mistakes are corrected, if you use it, like a ship without a rudder, you will eventually founder.

The first mistake being made is sending multiple copies ofrepparttar 101095 same ad torepparttar 101096 same person. When you get five or ten copies ofrepparttar 101097 same email, one right afterrepparttar 101098 other, it is immediately recognized as spam, and relegated torepparttar 101099 trash bin.

Why do they send so many copies? They get their email addresses usually by harvesting them fromrepparttar 101100 Internet. They have software with search capabilities, much likerepparttar 101101 Search Engines, that can target specific types of web sites. They collect every email address they find at a site, and move on torepparttar 101102 next.

The problem is that most people who own their own domain, have all email delivered to their main domain address. Example - my main domain address is " Anything sent to will come to my mailbox . So they find a "bunch" of addresses at a web site and consider them all "fair game". Until they solve this problem, you are wasting your money if you contract with them.

Misrepresentation is also high onrepparttar 101103 list. You getrepparttar 101104 same email with a different title inrepparttar 101105 subject each time. Many timesrepparttar 101106 title has absolutely nothing to do withrepparttar 101107 contents ofrepparttar 101108 email. It is simply their way of trying to get your attention, and entice you to openrepparttar 101109 email.

Formatting errors are rampant. Many advertisers send out attractively formatted HTML emails. There is a growing use of these types of emails, and they have a lot going for them onrepparttar 101110 plus side. But they don't recognize that all email clients (readers) are notrepparttar 101111 same. AOL for example, is probablyrepparttar 101112 most difficult ISP to send HTML documents to. If it is not done correctly, all they receive is a bunch of garbled information.

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